Not about Me!!

Nearly planted peas in mummy's garden

Nearly planted peas in mummy’s garden


Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Mummy thought you might like to see her photos of all her hard work in the garden.  She has been busy planting garlic bulbs, peas and broad beans.  Mummy has been very busy at work.  This week she has given two talks on the history of Wanganui and next week she will be writing a speech entitled Royal family and other animals.  It will be about royal visits to Wanganui and the zoo.  Me and Nellie bet you did not know that there had been a zoo at Aramaho.  It opened in 1905 and closed a few years later.  The animals included lions, tigers, black bears, kangaroos, birds and monkeys.  The children at the local school knew that the black bear was very friendly because they often saw it down at the river.  Rumour had it that the lions and tigers often took nocturnal walks around the neighbourhood.  The zoo moved to Auckland because the lions were in the habit of roaring at night, keeping the local residents awake.  Me and Nellie sometimes go for walks, unsupervised by mummy and daddy.  For some reason we get told off and called “naughty maremmas”.  Off Me and Nellie go.  We have not had a barkathon with the neighbouring dogs for a while and it is time we indulged in one.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

First snowdrops of the season

Vegetable plants growing in an old bath

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2 Responses to Not about Me!!

  1. KP says:

    ?????? What is your Mummy thinking? They may be very pretty photos of peas and bulbs and bath tubs but where are the photos of you two? Our Mummy said she will be write about her garden next post, we are sure people will find that boring.
    Have you been loving the full moon? We are almost hoarse with barking and Freya keeps breaking out of the top fence to chase away something over the road….. given that we live in Australia we assume it is not a wolf but as Freya’s full name is ‘Freya the mighty wolf slayer’ we know that whatever it is we are safe.
    Our humans are so lucky to have us all.
    Love Freya and Rosamond

    • ehamblyn says:

      Me and Nellie agree that our family are so lucky to have Us in their lives. Mummy says she could not imagine life with out Us. Me and Nellie have not been barking at the full moon, in fact We have been very quiet at night. Too busy snoozing

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