My bone collection

Me and my bone

Me and my bone

Greetings loyal readers.  As you all well know Me and Nellie have an extensive bone collection. We like to hide our bones in all sort of different places.  One of my favourite places to bury my bone is in mummy’s compost heap.  I find that they mature nicely if left there for a few months.  But be warned fellow maremmas, don’t try to bring a nicely matured bone inside and try to have a munch on it while sitting on your bed.  For some reason daddy did not appreciate my attempts to eat my bone inside.  He muttered something about a bad maremma and threw my bone outside. That is not fair!!  It has been raining for most of the day and for some reason daddy will not let us inside the house.  He says something about clean floors and muddy maremma’s paws.  Mummy and daddy and brother are going out tonight, so do doubt they will leave Us at home with a nice bone to chew on each.  Off Me and Nellie go.  Daddy has accidentally left the doors open and Me and Nellie can sneak inside.  Wonder if they will notice Us.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two clean, mainest maremmas in the land.

One of the maine coons. She is called Kitten. Not  a very imaginative name.

One of the maine coons. She is called Kitten. Not a very imaginative name.

Nellie and her bone

Nellie and her bone

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One Response to My bone collection

  1. Hello Maremmas, Ben , the first Maremma died on April 16 at 13 years, Vito the Maremma pup was born that day. He is going to join Tamsin, the Golden Retriever soon. Maremmas and Goldies make good mates. Humans are lucky to have such good friends. Bye for now

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