Maremmas being helpful

Me being watchful

Me being watchful

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. It has been very cold in the sunny Mangamahu valley. Daddy is home on holiday, so he has been busy doing odd jobs around the house. As you can well imagine Me and Nellie do like to assist him, but for some reason he does not seem to appreciate our efforts. Even though it is very early in the winter there is not much grass in the paddocks for the cows to eat, so daddy has been putting the cows out onto the verges along the road, where there is plenty of grass. We have to come with him and have a woof-a-thon, barking at the neighbour’s cows in the next paddock. Daddy was telling mummy that is really funny when the Maisy the girl cow cashes Me and Nellie around the paddock. Daddy is going into town today to collect a new gate so he can replace the gate to the woolshed paddock. This will stop Me and Nellie going for a little wander over there to see what We can see.

Me and Nellie like to play on our play lawn. We chase each other around and have lots of play fights. Mummy says we look quite fierce and ferocious when We are biting and nipping each other but rest assure loyal readers it is just Me and Nellie have a bit of maremma doggy fun. After all, We have to use up all our doggy energy, before We retire inside for a little snooze in front of the fire. Me and Nellie are a little concerned for We overheard daddy telling mummy that it must be time for Us to go to the V.E.T. Now, Me and Nellie might not be the best spellers in the world but even We know what that word means.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

If,you look carefully you can see Nellie hiding in the garden

If,you look carefully you can see Nellie hiding in the garden

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