One displeased mummy

Two very sleepy maremmas

Two very sleepy maremmas

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Me and Nellie have been so good the last few days. We have not chased any chickens, or at least We have not been caught chasing any chickens. We have not displayed our “cloth ear” characteristic when mummy has called us to come with her when We have been investigating the very interesting smells in the compost heap. Mummy thinks a rat might be living in there; such is my interest in the compost. Mummy and daddy never put any food scraps in the compost. Scraps all go to either the worms in the worm farm or to those pesky chickens. However, it all came to an abrupt end this morning when mummy looked out of the window and there in the distance were two snowy white wavering tails. You guessed it Me and Nellie had gone for another little walkabout and were over in the far paddock next to Farmer Rae’s driveway. Well, you should have heard the words mummy used. Something about bad maremmas and they had better come home if they knew what was good for them. For some reason mummy didn’t sound too happy, so Me and Nellie thought it might be prudent to come home. Quickly. But mummy can’t stay mad with Me and Nellie for too long. After all are We not the two most adorable maremmas in all the land. She is happy that daddy has built her another raised garden bed, so she can prepare the soil and put in jersey benne potatoes, after frosts have finished, and there will be yummy potatoes for Christmas. Not that Me and Nellie particularly like potatoes. We would much rather eat yummy bread.  Off Me and Nellie go.  It is time for our evening dinner.  Love Nellie and Jasper.

A red rose for mummy

A red rose for mummy

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