Naughty mummy

Me looking sad

Me looking sad

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Much has been made of how naughty Me and Nellie might be, but what loyal readers did not know is that sometimes mummy can be naughty too. Why just last night she would not let Me and Nellie inside. She said We were grubby maremmas and We could stay outside until We had dried out and anyway she had just vacuumed and did not want Us inside shedding our snowy white fur all over the carpet. But, Me and Nellie were clever and ran around to the front of the house and brother let Us inside. He then let Me and Nellie have a tasty snack of some left over toast crusts. Sometimes, mummy forgets to give Us our morning dinner before she goes off to work. That is very naughty of her. And sometimes, she tries to sneak outside without Me and Nellie being with her. She says it is much easier to feed the rabbits and the chickens without our assistance, especially my desire to put my head in the rabbit cage when she is trying to give them fresh water and food. When mummy sneaks out and I hear her, I have to sit at the French doors and make pathetic whimpering sounds until someone lets Me and Nellie out to go and join mummy. Once mummy was too busy talking to a friend at the mall, she didn’t have enough time to go to Farmlands to get a big bag of dog biscuits, so Me and Nellie were on short rations that evening.  See how naughty she is.  It has been the shortest day, here in New Zealand and soon it will be spring again and all the spring bulbs that mummy has planted will be up. Love Nellie and Jasper from the sunny Mangamahu valley.

Two eggs. Guess which one is ours?  The bigger one, of course!!!

Two eggs. Guess which one is ours? The bigger one, of course!!!

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3 Responses to Naughty mummy

  1. Judith K Adison says:

    I really enjoy your blog – from fellow gardener in San Francisco, CA.

  2. Mummy’s are very naughty! Mine waits till daddy takes me out for the evening walk to load the dishwasher, when she knows its my job to pre-wash all the plates!!

  3. Agreed. It is also my job to lick all the items in the dishwasher. Just as it is my job to patrol the kitchen bench with my nose just in case there are some tasty treats left there for Me to eat. Sadly I am often disappointed but I live in hope.

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