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Me and Nellie playing on the lawn

Me and Nellie playing on the lawn

Greeting loyal readers.  Another week as gone past and Me and Nellie have been our usual busy selves.  We have been assisting mummy in the garden.  So much in fact that she was getting very annoyed with Me and Nellie because every time she turned around to do something, one or other of Us were in her way.  She was digging soil out of the compost heap to put into her new raised garden bed, so of course I had to help mummy by doing some diggy dog digging.  There was dirt flying everywhere.  Needless to say mummy was not very pleased to be showered by airborne soil.  Of course, the other way Me and Nellie like to assist mummy is when We help her when she is feeding those silly rabbits.  It has been raining over the last week, so mummy has been inside on the computer.  If, I am a good dog I am allowed to sit in the computer room, but it is a very small room with lots of stuff in it and where I sit means that mummy cannot leave the room without tripping over Me.  Nellie is a good dog and she sits in the hallway.

Mummy has decided to create a new blog called Life at Oeta.  She writes articles for the local newspaper about local each week and she thought she might like to share them with people.  Her favourite article is about the day the elephants came to town.  Currently, she is writing an article about a robot that walked from Wellington to Wanganui in 1960.  You can read the article on her at her new blog.  Love Nellie and Jasper.


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