Two maremmas in disgrace!!

Chocolate eclairs

Chocolate eclairs

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas. This morning was the start of  another cold day in the sunny Mangamahu valley.  There was a hive of activity in the house as mummy, daddy and brother had to attend chapel at 9 am, and then morning tea at brother’s school, as it was his last day at school for the term.  Sister had made chocolate eclairs to take for morning tea.  Me and Nellie are not allowed chocolate but We do like whipped cream, which We were allowed.  As it was very cold mummy was searching for her gloves to wear to chapel but she could not find  only one glove. She was very perplexed because she was sure they were both in the car.  So, she had to make do with one glove.  It is very cold in the 100-year-old chapel at brother’s school as there is no heating  When they got  home mummy decided to do some gardening.  She had brought some seedlings from Awapuninursery and she wanted to plant them.  But she could only find the broccoli and not the cauliflower seedlings.  For some reason she was very suspicious and she went and had a look on our play lawn and there was her glove and cauliflower plants, looking slightly the worse for wear.   About this time Me and Nellie decided it might be prudent to go and visit daddy chopping wood at the wood shed before mummy could find Us.  Mummy does not understand why We are being so naughty.  She says she will get daddy to give Us at stern talking to about our naughty dog behaviour.  Off We go.  It is nearly time for our evening dinner.  Nellie is sad because she has been put on a D.I.E.T.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

Me hiding over at the wood shed

Me hiding over at the wood shed

Evidence of the crime!!!

Evidence of the crime!!!

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