Naughty mummy again!!

Me and Nellie waiting for Mummy

Me and Nellie waiting for Mummy

Greeting loyal readers.  Once again mummy has been an uncaring mummy, for she tied Me and Nellie up so We could eat our respective morning dinner, without resorting to eating the other one’s food.  And then she forgot about Us!!!. It was not until she came out to the kitchen about an hour later that she remembered that she had left Me and Nellie tied up.  Me and Nellie were not happy.  And whats more she has refused to let Me and Nellie inside.  She muttered something about clean floors and dirty paws.  Now, I ask you fellow maremmas, is this fair.  Methinks not.   After all, how can We be the bestet maremmas in all of sunny Mangamahu, if We are not allowed inside to supervise mummy and all her cleaning activities.  Love Jasper and Nellie, who are now finally allowed inside to take our rightful place, snoozing on the carpet.

On the mat

On the mat

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2 Responses to Naughty mummy again!!

  1. You doggies are too cute! Have you had a look at our dog’s blog? – Mia the Maremma (a word press blog). You have been her inspiration!

    • ehamblyn says:

      Me and Nellie love your blog. It is fitting and proper that We have to educate the world about how wonderful us maremmas are. My family think it is funny to put those silly hats on my head, but I am too clever to be photographed with a had on my head. I too love to eat chicken food. It is not fair that they get all the tasty treats, like bread and Me and Nellie have to go without. Love Nellie and Jasper, fellow mareammas.

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