My friends out there on the web

Me!! Who  is the handsome doggy?

Me!!! Who is the handsome doggy?

Greeting loyal readers.  It is the start of another busy week for Me and Nellie.  Mummy is home, alone this week as daddy, brother and sister are all down in Wellington.  Brother and sister are visiting old friends, which leaves Me and Nellie home with mummy.  Auntie is working up the mountain and will not be back for a few weeks.  Mummy says she is very busy when she is home alone as she has to look after all the animals as well as Me and Nellie.  The cows have to be moved and fed hay, the chickens have to be let out in the morning and put away in the evening.  Those silly rabbits have to be fed and their hutch cleaned out.   As loyal readers will know Me and Nellie like to help mummy.   This morning she had to move the cows, so she went over to the wool yards to open a gate to let the cows into a new paddock fill of fresh green grass.  Needless to say Forest, Oscar and Maise the cows were very happy.

Mummy has been telling Me and Nellie that she has found the following blogs, one of which is by a fellow maremma.  Isn’t that really good.  After all it is very important that people out there in cyber-space know all about maremmas and how wonderful we are. Go and have a look.

A fun site by Molly the wally

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4 Responses to My friends out there on the web

  1. Hello Jasper and Nellie,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog on your blog.
    I mentioned you in my latest post and put a link to your blog in it. 🙂

    • ehamblyn says:

      Thank you for your kind comments. Me and Nellie try to be good ambassadors for all maremmas of the world. Mummy says sometimes We can be very trying. I really don’t know what she is talking about. After all it is well known that if I leap onto the couch and keep my eys closed, she can not see Me there. Lover Jasper and Nellie.

  2. My, my, what beautiful dogs you are! Can’t believe anyone in your family could leave you, for any amount of time!

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