The In and Out, In and Out Game

Me being cute

Me being cute

Greeting loyal readers.  In the evenings Mummy likes to settle down and watch some TV.  This is when Me and Nellie come into our own and play the in and out game. You know the one fellow maremmas.  The game when mummy has just settled down on the couch and one of us wants to go outside.  We sit at the door and make whimpering sounds until mummy gets up and lets Us out.  Or, we start barking inside at something important outside, like the wind and she lets Us out to stop the barking.  And no sooner than We are let out, then We want to come in.  So, I stand outside and put nose up against the door glass and make more pathetic sounds or hit my large muddy paw against the door until mummy lets Us in again.  Such a fun game.  Me and Nellie can play it all night.  For some reason mummy is not so pleased at our antics and mummers something about bad maremmas.  Love Nellie and Jasper who want their morning dinner and mummy is being a little slow in feeding Us this morning.

Don't let Daddy see!!

Don’t let Daddy see!!

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2 Responses to The In and Out, In and Out Game

  1. I’m not surprised your morning meal is taking longer than usual, considering you had your mom up and down like a yoyo last night – tut, tut.

  2. Molly and Bailey says:

    Oh yes, we know that game very well. It’s not limited to evenings though, it is great fun just as you start to make bread or cake and have your hands covered in flour!

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