Justin Beiber fever

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. While Me and Nellie are waiting for the tradesmen to come by, mummy has been looking on this place called “stuff”.  Me  and Nelli  do not know what a stuff is but mummy says it is an interesting place to be, if you want to know about news in New Zealand. www.stuff.co.nz

Now, sister has gone to a place called Auckland to see if she can see something called a Beiber.  Again Me and Nellie are not too sure what a Beiber is, but mummy says We are not teenage girls, so it is likely that We would not be interested in seeing a Beiber.  So imagine mummy’s surprise when she was sister on stuff standing outside a hotel where this Beiber is staying.  Unfortunately, she is not allowed to point out sister specifically, something about privacy!! Off Me and Nellie go, the man to repair the switchboard has arrived and We must be there to greet him. Love Nellie and Jasper


Me and Nellie waiting for tradesmen to visit.

Me and Nellie waiting for tradesmen to visit.

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4 Responses to Justin Beiber fever

  1. Love you doggies! So intelligent. Jasper, are you really that much bigger and taller than Nellie?

  2. You two are just gorgeous. I agree with your Mom though, I don’t think you’d like a Bieber

  3. Brian says:

    Nellie is getting FAT!

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