Legal doggies and other things.

Our new registration tags

Our new registration tags

Greeting loyal readers.  Today mummy came home and told Me and Nellie that we are now legal doggies for another year.  She went to the local council and has paid our registration fees for another year.   We cost $50 each!!

On another sad note.  Auntie rung last night from the mountain.  She  has had a skiing accident and has damaged her knee. She  has had to leave her work on the mountain and come back home.  She thinks she will not be able to ski again for a number of years.  Daddy and brother are going to collect her tomorrow.   So poor daddy has to drive up from Wellington to home, drop off sister and collect brother and then drive up the mountain.  A trip which will take about 7 hours.  Brother has to drive auntie’s car because she can not drive with her hurt knee.  Mummy says Me and Nellie have to be good dogs because mummy has to work this weekend at the museum and the family are hosting two billets from Wellington on Sunday, who are participating in a hockey tournament in Palmerston North.   Very busy times indeed.   Off Me and Nellie go.  It is almost time for our evening dinner and We must remind mummy it is time to feed Us

PS Mummy saw this on the New York times

New asparagrus

New asparagus

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3 Responses to Legal doggies and other things.

  1. Jude says:

    Jasper won’t be happy that I’ll be hogging his couch space. But he and Nellie can help cheer me up because I’m feeling very sad about not being able to ski or work on the mountain anymore 😦

  2. Goodness, I hope Auntie is alright – although I am a tiny bit jealous about the skiing (not the hurting oneself), as we don’t really have that as an option here in South Africa. I went once in Aussie and it was brilliant! Hope the hockey goes well – my niece is “big time” into hockey (has her Springbok colours and everything).

  3. Thank you for your kind comments. Auntie was planning on going skiing at Christmas time to some places called Stans, like Kurdistan, Bekistan and some other places Me and Nellie have never heard of. She went skiing in Russia, Iran and Romania last Christmas. Me and Nellie do not like snow as you can read about in our blog from last winter.
    Sister plays goalie for her school hockey team. Your neice must be really good at hockey to be a sprinbox.

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