Cute maremmas

Mummy's rose garden under water

Mummy’s rose garden under water

Greeting loyal readers.  Yesterday, Sister and daddy came home with our two billets from Wellington.  Daddy was telling mummy when she got home from work how good Me and Nellie were.  Daddy said I was so excited that my tail was spinning around with the joy of having visitors.  Nellie was so good and she didn’t even bark at them. It has been raining again and Me and Nellie might  have got somewhat muddy.  Daddy says that We are not coming inside.  Auntie is back from the mountain and has been to doctor, who has looked at her knee.  She has to go and see an orth-o-ped-ic surgeon.  She says that her knee is stuffed.  Me and Nellie do not know what a stuffed is, but it does not sound too good. Mummy has found a new blog about a Pyrenean Mountain dog called Clowie.  She like Me, likes to dig as you can read about it:

Me helping mummy by doing some digging!!!

Me helping mummy by doing some digging!!!

Off Me and Nellie go.  Daddy has said that tonight he will let off some fireworks and Me and Nellie must have a rest in preparation of watching them.

Nellie looking beautiful

Nellie looking beautiful

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One Response to Cute maremmas

  1. Clowie says:

    Yes, digging is good!

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