Is there anything out there?

Me being so excited to find a 'possum

Me being so excited to find a ‘possum

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Last night Me and Nellie had a lovely woofathon.  I barked and barked and then I barked some more.  You know how it is done, don’t you, fellow maremmas?  Well, this morning when mummy came to let Me and Nellie off, I was poised to spring into action, for there was a ‘possum up a tree and I had to let everyone in the Mangamahu Valley know this.  Me and Nellie rampaged through mummy’s garden and sat under the tree, where the ‘possum was.  As it was dark, Daddy couldn’t see the dangerous ‘possum, but believe Me it was there.  Daddy waited until the sun came up so he could identify his target before he attempted to shoot it.   I was so excited that I had found this dangerous animal that I was leaping and cavorting around in mummy’s garden.  She said it is no wonder that she can’t get anything to grow in her garden.  What with Me and Nellie rampaging through her herbaceous borders and those peasky chickens digging up everything.   Off Me and Nellie go.  We think the cow-man could be here and We have to greet him.  Love Jasper and Nellie the two most bravest maremmas in the land.

Me showing daddy where the 'possum is.

Me showing daddy where the ‘possum is.









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4 Responses to Is there anything out there?

  1. Clowie says:

    You saved everyone from the possum! Bipeds just don’t understand how often we save them. Just because they don’t see a danger doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.

    • That is so true and right. Me and Nellie have to patrol our territory and let our family know of the dangers that lurk out there. Me and Nellie have to warn our family about the dangerous hedgehogs that live underneath the house or the dangerous cows that appear in the paddock next door.

  2. Ha, if you were in Aussie you would be shot for attacking a possum. 🙂
    Need netting around any vege garden, even in high density built suburbs. Have very cute little ringtail possums where we are, sure you would love them to death rather than bark them to death.

  3. Brian says:

    Possum fur is $140/kg a here. Jasper can find me as many as he wants to.

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