Olympics and other things.

Me with the TV in the background

Me with the TV in the background

Greeting loyal readers.  As I am sure you all know, there is something called the Olympic games on in a place called London.  Me and Nellie do not know where London is but We do know that sister and daddy are spending much of their time in the evenings in front of the television.  Me and Nelle like this because We can stay up late and snooze in front of the warm fire.  Last night sister and daddy got very excited because New Zealand won TWO GOLD METALS in the rowing. New Zealand is now 12th on the medal tables, ahead of Australia.  You can read about it on this place called Stuff.


Yesterday mummy had to ring the National Poison centre because I had been a greedy little maremma and had licked something I shouldn’t have.  Mummy was busy redoing her hanging baskets in preparation for spring planting and she had made up some water retention crystals in a jug.  Well, I couldn’t resist having a little taste of what was in the jug.   Mummy had turned her back on Me for a second and I couldn’t help myself.  When she turned around and noticed that I had eaten some of the crystals, boy did she yell at Me.  Something about being a bad maremma.  Then she grabbed the jug and rushed inside to use that thing they call the telephone.  You will all be pleased to know, fellow maremmas that I am fine and have suffered no side effects from my little escapades.  Mummy says she will have to be more careful in the future. Off Me and Nellie go. It is time for our morning dinner.  Love Jasper and Nellie.

Would you like to see some photos of mummy’s flowers?  Of course you would.

The first of the spring daffodils

The first of the spring daffodils






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One Response to Olympics and other things.

  1. Greetings Jasper and Nellie. Great to hear from some other Kiwi doggie bloggers:) And go the Kiwi rowers! Beryl and I are actually Aussies by birth but we’ve both lived here long enough to be hard out Silver Fern followers. Although I wouldn’t bet against the Aussies catching up in the medal count eventually.

    I’ve actually been to the Mangamahu Valley, but it was about 35 years ago and I confess to not being able to remember anything about it:( Looks like you guys enjoy the beach too. I hope you don’t have to wait til next Easter to go again!

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