Rosie the cat and Me


Rosie the mean maine coon

Rosie the mean maine coon

Greetings loyal readers. As you know, I do not like the resident cats. In particular I dislike the nasty ball of red fluff they call ‘Rosie”. She is evil. Yesterday my human brother teased me by calling me inside and that Rosie was there. She hissed at me and I was frightened and wanted to go straight back outside, bypassing my usual patrol of the kitchen for tasty morsels left lying carelessly on the bench. Cats are dangerous creatures. Most of them run away from me but Rosie does not. She hisses at Me and tries to scratch me with her sharp claws. My Auntie teased me later by calling the red cat’s name and making me think she was waiting inside to attack me. All the other cats seem to like Me and Nellie.  Soon it will be Nellie’s birthday.  She will be two years old.  Such a grown up age. Mummy has found a new web-site for fellow doggy bloggers.  It looks like fun.

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all of the sunny Mangamahu valley.

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