Volcanos, Gardening and other activities

Me looking so handsome

Me looking so handsome

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Today, Me and Nellie were supervising mummy out in the garden.   It was a lovely sunny Mangamahu day and mummy was doing the gardening activity she hates the most – pruning  roses.  She says it doesn’t matter how many gardening books she reads and how many u-tube videos she looks at, she just doesn’t seem to get it right. Mummy says there are lots and lots of roses to prune, so she had better get on with it and stop moaning about them.

She found this new web-site, you might like to have a look at. http://petbloggunited.blogspot.co.uk

Sun rise this morning, taken towards where Mt Tongariro is erupting

Sun rise this morning, taken towards where Mt Tongariro is erupting

This morning Me and Nellie heard mummy and daddy talking about something called a vol-can-o.  Me and Nellie don’t know what a vol-can-o is but they were saying one has started to erupt in the middle of the North Island, about 200 kms away from Us.  Fortunately the ash is heading to the east of the island not towards Us on the west side.


Off Me and Nellie go. It has been raining and We are going to have a competition to see who can get the muddiest.  For some reason daddy will  not let Us in side when We are muddy. Love Jasper and Nellie.

Nellie with mud on he head!!

Nellie with mud on he head!!

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2 Responses to Volcanos, Gardening and other activities

  1. Clowie says:

    I like getting muddy as well. Sometimes they hose me down! I don’t mind because I love water.

  2. Me and Nellie do not like water very much. Sometimes Nellie likes to sit in the rain and get very wet but Me, Jasper, I don’t like water. Sometimes mummy thinks it is funny to squirt Me with the hose, especially if she catches Me feeing too friendly towards one of those peasky chickens.

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