A maremma on you-tube.

Look. Someotherdoggy (S.O.D) has been back knocking over mummy's pot plants.  It wasn't Me or Nellie.

Look. Someotherdoggy (S.O.D) has been back knocking over mummy’s pot plants. It wasn’t Me or Nellie.

Greeting loyal readers.  For a long time mummy has been wanting to make a video of Me and Nellie.  Well, after many naughty words being said addressed to the computer, she managed to upload three short videos of Me onto this thing called “you-tube”.  Me and Nellie haven’t heard so many bad words spoken, since the last time mummy caught Me and Nellie in the hen-house.  We do not know what this “you-tube” is, but mummy says people will be able to see Me and that cannot be a bad thing.  You may have press “ctrl” key on your keyboard to open the following links?



A really squeaky view…..


Mummy says Martin Scorsese she ain’t, but she says she will get better. So, you can look forward to some more videos of Me and Nellie.  Love Nellie and Jasper, the two most photogenic maremmas in the land.

PS here is a photo of Me and My squeaky toy.

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15 Responses to A maremma on you-tube.

  1. catchatcaren says:

    Jasper you are one big doggy!!!! Dakota heard your squeaky toy and started barking! lol Great job!

  2. I LOVE my squeaky toy and enjoy nothing more than sitting on the grass or on my bed making it go squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. For some reason my family do not share my interest in my squeaky toy. They tell Me to “knock it off” and tell Me I am too lound. I do not care and do not listern to them. They are just jealous that they do not have their own squeaky toy. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  3. Jasper you and Nellie are big beautiful doggies and you sure know how to work that squeaky toy 🙂

    I think your mummy did a fine job on the video’s 🙂

  4. Kyla says:

    The acting was great but the plot development left something to be desired. Since there was no conclusion, I presume you left the door open to offers for sequels.

  5. How wonderful to see your most beautiful fluffy white tails and most excellent selves on film!! Your farm is so green! Our farm is so dry! Love Rosamond and Freya, whose Mummy will soon try to work out how to upload videos of us onto you tube too

  6. Greetings fellow maremmas. All Me and Nellie can say is be prepared for lots of naughty words. Mummy had such trouble with this thing called “google account”. We look forward to seeing you in all your maremma glory. Love Nellie and Jasper

  7. At the moment I don’t feel like playing with anything, but there is a conspiracy in this house to keep me from squeaky toys.
    When I feel better I might just see what I can do about that.

  8. I love squeaky toys and when I heard yours I wanted to play too!

  9. ‘It wasn’t me’ is the best defense strategy ever – you should wear a t-shirt with this quote… Needs you mom some assistance with the chicken? I would help her…. :o)))

    • Me and Nellie “love” the chickens but for some reason We always get told off if We go anywhere near them. It is not our fault if We are running around the garden and the chickens get in our way. We are not chasing them. It is just our family’s silly imagination. Chickens are such silly creatures. And then We get yelled at if mummy discovers Us in the chicken house or in the chicken run. Something abour bad maremmss. Really don’t know what she is yelling about. Love Nellie and Jasper

      • me and our 2 chickens and the rooster have to be strictly separated – otherwise we’ll get a ‘showdown’ – the 3 feathered guys are the rescue-project of my staff ( we never got only one egg of them)

  10. Me and Nellie can understand how a show down with chickens can happen. Just to let you into a little secret, mummy and daddy suspect that Me and Nellie may be getting our little paws on the chicken’s eggs before they do and hat is why the chickens do not appear to be laying as many eggs as they should. Me and Nellie blame the S.O.D (someotherdoggy). It couldn’t be Us.

  11. raisingdaisy says:

    You and Nellie sure are beautiful! My mom uses words I never heard before when she does complicated stuff on the computer….I don’t think I want to know what those words mean, because she sounds pretty angry. I wonder why she spends so much time on something that makes her angry instead of playing with me all day long, which always makes her smile? Go figure humans! 😉

  12. BOL! She’s just seen the first picture and the caption using the letters SOD and nearly snorted Her wine down Her nose! Permission requested to borrow and frequently use this phrase? We think it’s grrrreat!

    Thanks again for visiting us – we’re sure gonna follow you guys – you look like so much fun and mischief that we think we might learn and thing or two, or three or ……..

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