Rural dogs

The garden showing the first signs of spring

The garden showing the first signs of spring

Greeting loyal readers.  As you all know Me and Nellie are rural doggies.  We live in the countryside , not in town or city. Before they moved to the sunny Mangamahu valley my family lived in a city called Wellington.  They had never lived in the countryside.  So, when they came here to Oeta (the name of the property), it was a bit of a learning curve.  And then they got Me.  A wonderful, intelligent maremma and they rest is history, so to speak.  Living in the  countryside is fun.  We have a big, fenced property for Us of run around in. There are lots of things for Us to bark at.  Low flying birds and helicopters, Farmer Rae starting up his tractor three paddocks away, Neighbour Paul daring to use his own driveway, passing cyclists and trucks, cows and ‘possums.  So much barking to do!!!.  Do any of my loyal readers live in the countryside?

Do you like the video?  It is Me and Nellie barking at the meter lady when she went over to the woolshed to read the electricity meter.  

This video doesn’t exist

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12 Responses to Rural dogs

  1. catchatcaren says:

    Yep you sure do bark REALLY WELL! Mind if I join you? Mine is nice and ear piercing not deep like yours 🙂

  2. Kyla says:

    Yup. We don’t have city water or city sewer-we’re on well and septic. It’s about 15km to the nearest gas/petrol station and 20km to the nearest food store. Does that count?

  3. Carol Gunn says:

    The balagan farm maremmas called Sharna, Sophie, Sparticus Issy and Itai and our new baby Sasha, all live in the country and we love to bark at everything that goes past our gate, but we especially bark at our neighbour across the road because we do not like him very much.

  4. Bosun Dawg says:

    We’re swamp dwellers Maremmas, We live out on a dirt road and we like to notify the peeps of everything other than us that moves and breathes, as you guys do.

  5. Zena says:

    I’m a suburban gal but I know The Producer would like to move out to the country. I could have coped if I had Zac with me, but I think the tractors and loud noises would not be to my taste.
    I like manicured lawns to walk on and I am not sure how I’d deal with long grass.
    I do however love barking at the Possums. They ignore me which infuriates me but at least I’ve chased them up the tree!

  6. Oh yes, we live in the country too, and after nights like last night when we barked ALL NIGHT LONG at the wind and the stars and the trees – not to mention several at this point undisclosed savage threats- its just as well. In the city people would complain, a lot, for they may not understand how important the job of a Maremma is.
    Mummy just played us your video, we both came running in form inside to see who the handsome wonderful barker was! Jasper, we think you are great!
    Love Freya and Rosamond

    • Yes Me and Nellie couldn’t live in the city. Neighbours would complain. Here all the neighbour’s have dogs so We can have a lovely bark-a-thon with them. Mummy says to tell you that video was of Me and Nellie being restrained. She didn’t get on camera the bit when it looked like I was going to break my lead. Which I have done in the past. It must have been the weather becaue Me and Nellie were barking last night as well.

  7. Clowie says:

    We live in the country as well. When we were England we were in a small village, but now we’re in Spain there are only a few houses anywhere near us. I heard my bipeds say I’d have trouble finding anything to bark at! They’ve no idea!

  8. Great Homeland Security there pals. I am a townie but I love the countryside. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  9. I love your garden! I’m a townie too, but near-ish the countryside.
    Great barking action there!

  10. What a fantastic place to live and so many wonderful things to use your barking voices on (people using their own driveways – well I never 🙂 ) We live in a big city but we have a sports field in front of us and a river running down the side, so it feels like the country. Kind of the best of both worlds, I guess. I did have a farm and Litchi spent much time there. I must admit that i miss it terribly. I’ll just keep slaving away until I can get back to that life again.

  11. Boomdeeadda says:

    Oh my, looks like all that practicing really has paid off. You are a wonderful barker. What a super duper yard you have, so pretty and great views. I really must come to New Zealand some day. Your mommy has a cute accent too.

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