Roke Kuri

Mummy's Jersey beens and Maori potatoes waiting for planting

Mummy’s Jersey beens and Maori potatoes waiting for planting

Greeting loyal readers and fellow m.  Me and Nellie have been very busy helping mummy in the garden.  This morning she dug up lots of her strawberry plants, re-planted some elsewhere and gave a big bag of them to Neighbour Paul for his garden.  She is preparing the garden bed for her Maori potatoes.  They are called roke kuri, which loosely translates as dog poo. Mummy thinks there is a certain  irony about this, considering the amount of such substance that Me and Nellie manage to produce on a daily base. You can read about these potatoes in the following link:

Mummy has been putting these lovely tasty treats on the garden.  She calls them sheep pellets, but Me and Nellie think that they are very yummy to eat and are wasted on her garden.  Needless to say, if she catches Me and Nellie eating them she yells at Us.  Something about being a bad maremma.

Do you like the video?  It is of Me and Nellie having a lovely sniff-a-thon at the wool shed.  The wool shed has been there for many years and is full of interesting things and smells.  Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

This video doesn’t exist
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12 Responses to Roke Kuri

  1. catchatcaren says:

    you are lucky to have someone to “sniff” with. I wish I did! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  2. Zena says:

    I agree about the someone to ‘sniff’ with. I am a lonely lass now. And why is it that people but lovely stuff on their gardens and expect us not to eat them. Blood and bone is another. I ask you. Blood and Bone. Dogs caviar!!! And they expect us not to eat it. Tough. Zac & I ate it 🙂
    It was good.

    • Mummy hides the blood and bone along with the tasty sheep pellets in the same big black bucket, with a lid that she kees the even tastier rabbit food in. For some reason she gets very annoyed with Me and Nellie when We try and put our heads in the big black bucket. She says “get out you great furry lumps”. Must have words with mummy about the concept of sharing.

  3. Kyla says:

    And to think I thought potatoes came from the Americas.

  4. It looks like you had lots of lovely things to sniff in that wool shed! I would have got into too much trouble in a place like that!

    Mum says YUMMMMMM to the Maori potatoes. She and Dad love them, and they have grown them here. Mum loves the purple colour… 🙂

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

    • Mummy likes them as well. She and the neighbour are talking about having a hangi for christmas lunch. Me and Nellie do not know what a hangi is, but mummy says it involves food. Anything that involves food must be a good thing.

  5. Did you sniff out anything edible?

  6. Oh we love a bit of gardening. Dig it we do. Peeps plants it and I dig it out again. great fun. Have a lovely Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Emma says:

    Morning! Take a look at my post today, I have an award for you!

  8. Good post! Happy blog hoppin’ SaturdayQ

  9. Dogs N Pawz says:

    You two are so lucky! You have so many places to explore. We just have a boring backyard:(

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