The day the elephants came to town…..

Pachyderm High weight Plate

Greetings loyal readers. Here is an article mummy wrote for the local paper.  She says it is not one of her “better” articles, but the pictures  speak for themselves.

Remember the day the elephants came to town?  In January 1963 there was an elephant race up Victoria Avenue. The race was from Town Bridge to DIC department store, a distance of 300 yards. (274 metres).  It was estimated it would take 10 minutes for the three elephants to race up the Avenue.   The elephants were called Alice, Peggy and Jumbo and they came from the Bullens Circus.  The race was planned by Wanganui Lions Club, to raise money for the Tot Town Railway project in the James McGregor (Kowhai) Memorial Park.    The three elephants were ridden by the President of the Wanganui Lions Club, Mr M A Harris, another Lions Club member, Mr K Thomas and thirdly a radio announcer from 2XA called Ian Magan.  The winner of the race was Mr Harris by 5 trunk lengths.   During the race Lions Club members took up a collection for the Railway and raised £80 ($3,332.86 in today’s money). After the race, two of the elephants went into the ground floor of DIC store.  One of the elephant signed autographs for children with a rubber stamp held in its trunk. They remained in the store for a short period of time, before proceeding back to the circus. 

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5 Responses to The day the elephants came to town…..

  1. Nice one! Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. Elephants are my favorite animals, they are so intriguing and amazing.

  3. Those elephants are pawesome!

  4. Wow, amazing….thanks for sharing some interesting local history

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