What are rules?

What rule about not sitting on the couch?

What rule about not sitting on the couch?

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Mummy was telling Us about a blog written by a handsome, little Scottie dog called Dougall.  Dougall wrote about the strange, human thing called “rules”.  What are  “rules”? Me and Nellie think that they are for bad dogs, not good doggies, like Me and Nellie.  Bad doggies have to follow “rules.” Now, as loyal readers know Me and Nellie are the bestest behaved doggies in the world. You can read about Dougall’s adventures: http://the-dougall-diaries.blogspot.co.nz

Me and Nellie know that there are certain things We are not allowed to do like:

  • chase the chickens or the cats,
  • put our heads in the rabbit cage,
  • go walkabout and visit the neighbour’s cows,
  • bark at the man mowing neighbour’s lawns ,or  bark at Farmer Rae and his dogs,
  • eat the tasty treats sheep pellets mummy puts in the garden,
  • sleep on our family’s beds,
  • try and get into the chicken run and eat all the eggs,
  • chew socks, tea-towels, towels, paper tissues or any other thing made of fabric or paper, including sister’s homework, and shoes.
  • Nellie is not allowed to hide mummy’s gardening shoes behind the Camellia bush, next to the tennis court,
  • dig up any of mummy’s newly planted plants in the garden or dig holes in the lawn,
  • eat any tasty treats that might be accidentally left on the kitchen bench.

But, the most important thing is, We MUST do is to be with mummy at ALL times, even when she says things like: “Get out of my way, you great furry lump” and”Go away Jasper and Nellie”.

Me and Nellie supervising mummy out in the garden.

Me and Nellie supervising mummy out in the garden.

Are there things that you are not allowed to do?  Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

Look at the shredded tea-towel.  S.O.D (someotherdoggy) must be visiting.

Look at the shredded tea-towel. S.O.D (someotherdoggy) must be visiting.

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23 Responses to What are rules?

  1. Is THAT what they’re called? You know, I think S.O.D has been making the rounds here lately. He was here recently!

  2. That S.O.D doggy gets around and about. He, (It has to be a He. It couldn’t be a she, as Nellie is such a good dog) often visits our house. Mummy says she would like to met him one day, but he seems to be avoiding her, for some reason. Love Nellie and Jasper.

  3. Clowie says:

    There are all sorts of things I’m not allowed to do. I’m not allowed to bark for “no reason” – I always have a reason! I’m not allowed to put my nose on the table. There’s quite a long list and they add to it when they feel like it.

  4. Me and Nellie have noticed this as well. Not being allowed to do things, all seems to be very subjective (VPB) and really depends upon family’s whims.

  5. Your list is huge.
    At home Doggy often hears “Move you furry beast!!”, “Doggy, off my way!!”
    He’s always walking between my legs.

  6. Kyla says:

    Rules? I make the rules for Them.

  7. Oh yes, right royal angels you two are 😀

  8. catchatcaren says:

    “get out of my way you furry lump” OMD that is too funny!

    Hmmmm some things that I am not allowed to do:

    1) eat socks
    2) steal laundry (which leads to eating socks)
    3) Bark incessantly (I do it anyway)
    4) Jump or growl at my kitty brother
    5) Bark in my kitty brother’s face
    I usually do the last two anyway…..especially if I think he is getting treats before me
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    • I am not allowed to chew socks. For some reason if mummy or daddy find me with a nice soft, clean sock they yell at Me. Something about being a bad dog. I never take much notice. Nellie never gets yelled at because she is a good dog.

  9. Boomdeeadda says:

    Hi Jasper & Nellie! It’s me Blossum, I’m the bestest kitty in the land. My sister Petals is sleeping, so I’ll can tell you a little secret “I always blame her for the bad stuff”. I’m not allowed to climb on the stair railing, mommy found a scratch the other day and I tried to look as inocent as possible. I don’t think she bought that act.

  10. Pretty much the only standard rule around here is as follows: Cocco has to be outside during mealtime at all costs if we want to avoid a squealing, squirming pig and he cannot eat anymore crayons or plastic dolls!
    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  11. Oh boy, Jasper & Nellie, you are sure right about the rules! Mama not only makes new rules as she feels like it, she even
    CHANGES rules!

  12. Will and Eko says:

    I’ve noticed that “rules” seem to go out the window when I leave the house!

  13. robynwp says:

    We are not allowed to:
    1. chase our sister cats – but we do
    2. jump on the couch – but we do when dad isn’t around
    3. raid the big black dustbin – but we do every chance we can
    4. go to The Upstairs – this one rule has stood firm…we are DYING to see what is up there!

    Wally & Sammy

  14. Dougall says:

    Well… Apart from the lounge rule, I’d say the only one is not to steal the laundry… Hmmm… But if I can’t steal the laundry I can’t play with socks and I LOVE socks!!

    Oh, there’s also something about jumping on visitors, I can’t remember what it is exactly though… Am I meant to jump on them or not jump on them, which is it?

  15. Dougall says:

    Oh, also, thanks for the shout out!

  16. … there are a lot of things not allowed here…unfortunately I ‘ve forgot it…hmmm.. then it wasn’t important :o)

  17. I’m not allowed to jump up at people. But I always get so excited that I forget – whooops!

  18. onebluedog says:

    I have a lot of rules and they are no fun at all. Plus it is a lot of work to follow them. Sometimes I get treats for following the rules, so that is a little better. But sometimes I have to follow the rules and I don’t even get anything at all 😦

  19. The Misty Shores gang says “rules:, only their rules, break all of moms rules 🙂

  20. Zena says:

    Yeah we have rules. Zac taught me which ones to follow and which not to. What I like now is that I can sit on the red settee but Raffles can’t! That’s a cool rule 😀

  21. Toby says:

    That seems like an awfully long list of rules. I mean, especially the sheep pellets. If your peoples doesn’t want them and is throwing them on the ground, you should at least be able to help clean them up. And chicken eggs. Raw? Fresh? Straight from the chickens…..? Yum! That is not a fair rule at all.

    • Tha’ts what Me and Nellie think. If, mummy wants to go and throw food on the ground, why can’t We hoover it up. And we need to eat chicken eggs, they keep our white coats shinny and glossy.

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