Water dog

On the way to Marton, mummy saw this tree blown over.

On the way to Marton, mummy saw this tree blown over.

Greeting loyal readers.  As you all know, Me and Nellie do not like water. At all. So, imagine our surprise when mummy was telling Us about this little Jack Russell dog called Shorty, who goes water skiing.  Me and Nellie would be too big and too sacred to do this.  Here is the link to the article. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two dryest maremmas in the land.


Mummy says that she knows summer is coming because it has not rained for a few days and she has had to start watering her garden.  Mummy says she likes the green, lush look in her garden, so that means lots of watering with hoses.  We are lucky because there is unlimited access to water because all the outdoor taps in the garden are connected to a bore on the neighbour’s property.  Will all the rain over the winter there is plenty of water underground for mummy to use to water her plants.

Do you like the video of Me and Nellie playing on our play lawn? Of course you do.

This video doesn’t exist
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15 Responses to Water dog

  1. Kyla says:

    I hate water also. The only thing it is good for is drinking-and even then I prefer beer.

  2. What fun..if you are on Facebook, check out the Maremma dogs page…you could share this exciting tussle there!

  3. of course we like the video. 🙂
    So, you are telling me you are not as brave as a little jack russel?

  4. catchatcaren says:

    of course we do is right!! I also loved the birdies chirping in the background! You have such a lovely yard!

  5. Katie says:

    Yes we do! Cocco isn’t too fond of water either…

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  6. Thank you for stopping by our blog. Believe it or not, we love doggy fur people. Mom keeps telling us that we are not normal kitties. That’s ok ‘cuz she loves us the way we are. It was fun watching the two of you play. When we play we race around in the house like crazy and Mom has to tell us to slow down. Nice meeting you!

  7. robynwp says:

    Nothing beats a good game of bitey face / rough ‘n tumble! – what a lovely play lawn you have!
    Wally & Sammy

  8. Zena says:

    Oh yes, great game – want to come over to my place and play with a gigantic poodle puppy?? You are more his weight than I am!

  9. Ooh, that looked a bit rough and tumble, but you and Nellie were still smiling and friends at the end! Much more fun than getting wet and soggy in the water!

  10. Doggy loves water,after all he is a waterdog. You should give it a shot, who knows you turn out to be good divers.

  11. Mollie says:

    Those little Jacks are clever dudes 🙂 Wez starting winter, and youz got summer coming..BOL Love the video, youz sure have fun playing togeffer 🙂 xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Dougall says:

    That looks like a wild game of bity-face!

  13. tylersat99 says:

    We are glad that the colder weather is coming over here, but Mom hates winter so she would rather summer be coming. We didn’t have much water on our last 2 walks and we love to swim. Great pic of you playing;)

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