Day in the life of a maremma. Part II

Greeting loyal readers.  This is part II of a day in the life of Jasper and Nellie.

The big Quince tree, down the road at Ngaturi

The big Quince tree, down the road at Ngaturi

1 – 2 pm. When I was a little puppy and BN (before Nellie)  my mummy used to think that  I needed to practise being on a lead more often, so she made Me go for a walks. I did not like going for a walk. When my Aunty was staying she made Me go for walks. She said she was running the Spinster Aunt School for Correction and Discipline of Wayward and Errant Dogs. I did not understand this. I am neither wayward nor errant. So, off for walks, We went. We would go down to see the big quince tree at the old school. We walked past the neighbours and their dogs start to bark. I think they do not like ME!!. I was so good. I did not bark at the cows or sheep and I did not bark at the peacock which flew out from behind a tree and startled Me What I did not understand is people drive straight past Me and did not stop to admire Me.  This confuses Me.  Why do the not stop and admire Me, after all am I not the most handsomest maremma you will ever met.

2 – 3 pm This  is the time for our mid afternoon nap. Good readers might notice that We sleep a lot. This is part of being a maremma. We are a guarding dog and are used to spending a lot of time in one place with our flock. But be warned, just because We look asleep does not mean that We are not listening out for strange sounds and will be ready to leap up and protect our flock mummy.

Nellie with her bone

Nellie with her bone

3 – 4 pm Me and Nellie like to   help my Mummy clean out the rabbit cage. I have mentioned those silly rabbits in another post. Suffice to say I am very interested in eating the rabbit food  and any rabbit poo that drops on the ground. Then my Mummy puts away those maundering chickens. Once or twice  Me and Nellie have found an egg in the garden. If, We are clever, We can eat it before anyone finds out. We have to be with our  Mummy when she is in the garden. Sometimes, my Mummy goes into the paddock next door to pick some dandelions for those silly rabbits. She lets Me and Nellie come to. It is fun to run around in the paddock.  We like to go and bark at Farmer Rae’s cows.  Mummy tells Us off for being so silly.  It is not as if We have never seen a cow before and they pose no danger to anyone.

4 – 5 pm. My mummy is busy doing house work. She says that We make more housework for her because of our muddy paws and shedding of fur all over the floor, but she loves Us all the same. While my Mummy is doing house work We  supervise my Daddy and Brother chopping wood by the woolshed. While, We are there We visit the sheep and have a good sniff around the woolshed.

5 – 6 pm. Time for our late afternoon nap. I try to position myself in the most annoying place on the floor, so my family have to trip over me. I like to do a sniff test of the bench just in case interesting and delectable titbits have been left on the bench for Me to eat. Unfortunately, after the four steaks, banana cake, and bacon and egg pie incidents they do not leave food out to tempt Me.

Nellie, sitting on our play lawn.

Nellie, sitting on our play lawn.

6 – 7 pm. Time for my dinner.  Sometimes family forget to fed Me and Nellie.  We have to sit outside and make pathetic whimpering noises, until someone remembers to give Us our evening dinner. Then We will do our evening patrol around the section just to make sure everything is in order.  We might play a game of zoomies, and  bark at the neighbours. Then We will settle down for a busy evening watching TV with our  family. Then it is off to bed.

See loyal readers you will see that We live a busy and productive life in sunny Mangamahu valley.  Our thoughts are with our American friends, who might be affected by this monster storm they call Sandy.  Love Jasper and Nellie the wonder dogs.

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11 Responses to Day in the life of a maremma. Part II

  1. Kyla says:

    I wouldn’t be so calm if They forgot my dinner.

  2. Mollie says:

    Me neither, howz can they forgets to fed ya?? xx0xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  3. I jump all over mummy when its dinner time! There’s no way she could forget BOL

  4. catchatcaren says:

    “Spinster Aunt School for Correction and Discipline of Wayward and Errant Dogs” BOL!! That would be me! I also look like I am “sleeping” but being a “working” and “herding” dog I am always listening too! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. Me and Nellie might look like We are snoozing in the sun-shine, but don’t be fooled, We are always ready to jump up and rush over barking when Neigbour Paul dares to use his own driveway or when Farmer Austin starts his tractor up three paddocks away. We are always on alert.

  6. Wow, no oinking I mean barking to demand your dinner?!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  7. You are the most handsomest maremma Jasper!! And Nellie is very beautiful!!

  8. Dougall says:

    You guys know how to get the best out of a day!

  9. You should demand a chicken, they must make up for forgetting to feed you.

  10. onebluedog says:

    Rabbit poop is so delicious! Sometimes I wonder if a rabbit would taste as good…no no, that’s not right. Rabbits are not for eating. Rabbits are not for eating.

  11. Me and Nellie have often wondered what rabbit would taste like. For some strange reason mummy likes the Bella and Quincy the rabbits and yells at Us if We go any where near them.

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