New Beans

New Beans

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Today mummy is home and she has been out replanting some of her plants that were destroyed by that naughty boy Jack Frost.  She is hoping that these ones  will survive.

Me and Nellie might have been naughty maremmas. It really wasn’t our fault. (Never is says mummy).   We went on a walkabout over to visit the neighbour’s dog’s at the hay-shed.  Boy did mummy yell at Me and Nellie when she glimpsed our white, waving tails in the distance.  Told Us that if We knew what was good for Us, We would be getting home ASAP.  You will be glad to know We totally ignored her.  So she came over and yelled some more.  Finally, Me and Nellie thought it might be a good idea to listen to her and do as she asked.  Maremmas are very well-known for being “cloth eared” and only hearing what they want to, when they want to.

Love Nellie and Jasper,who might go and have a woofathon at the builders at the cottage next door.  It does the builders good to be reminded that Me and Nellie are watching their every move.

Giant pumpkin

Giant pumpkin

The Whangani Regional Museum,where mummy works.

The Whanganui Regional Museum,where mummy works.

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20 Responses to Replanting

  1. Kyla says:

    It is NEVER your fault.

  2. sandyrobinson says:

    Zak understands completely. He also has problems with his hearing even though he has one ear that stands up (and one that doesn’t). And nothing is ever his fault either!

  3. catchatcaren says:

    don’t let my Mom see “cloth-eared” I think she is going to want to start calling ME that! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Zena says:

    Love the museum where your mummy works.
    Tibetans are known for selective hearing. If there isn’t anything in it for us, we don’t hear it!
    Raffles is an enigma to me – he actually comes when called – why?

  5. Comes when he is called!!! What kind of dog is he? Are you sure Raffles is not one of those labour dogs that do as they are told. Me and Nellie have heard of these creatures. Very strange.

  6. Dougall says:

    Silly peeps, you were just trying to have an adventure!

  7. That Jack Frost really is a naughty one. Just remind your Mum, whenever she thinks you’re being naughty, that you are actually far better behaved than him and she should be grateful. Anyway, you were only protecting her, wandering off like that.

  8. I suffer from temporary deafness at times!
    Have fun barking at the builders, it will likely make them work faster:-)

  9. Glad you are taking your job as construction supervisors seriously.

  10. raisingdaisy says:

    I can see that you’re making sure construction goes well! Good for you! PS~ of course it’s never your fault!! 😉

  11. onebluedog says:

    These walkabouts sound like an awful lot of fun!

  12. Nichole says:

    Good luck with the replanting!

  13. I knew it, I knew it. I’m part maremma! I’m so excited…cloth ears. Perfect excuse. Thank you Nellie & Jasper for setting my Mom straight.

  14. Boomdeeadda says:

    So busy, walkabouts, woofathons, gardening….no wonder you need to nap here, there and everywhere.

  15. Hope the new little plants make it. You two behave and don’t go visiting without mummy.

  16. Bongo says:

    It’s always important to visit the neighbors. If you didn’t they’d think you weren’t neighborly.

  17. tylersat99 says:

    Hope Mom’s plants do well! And of course you have to walk about and check on everyone that’s your job. You keep those construction guys doing their job 🙂

  18. Bella says:

    Nice work! I’m seven months now, I’ve just learnt the joy of ‘exploring on your own’ and visiting neighbours dogs. I’m on a detection mission … trying to find that S.O.D you see. *wag wag wag*

  19. Clowie says:

    They accuse me of having selective hearing!
    I hope Jack Frost leaves the plants alone. I’m not sure how he manages to sneak past you two!

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