A poem about Mangamahu

Wylies bridge at the entrace to the Mangamahu Valley

Wylies bridge at the entrance to the Mangamahu Valley

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. As you all know mummy writes a weekly column in the local paper about local history and stuff.  Me and Nellie are not very interested in what she writes about.  She says as hard as she tries, she has not been able to figure out a way to get a mention of Me and Nellie in her articles.   In the course of doing some surfing the internet research, she found this poem and thought she’d share it.  For your information super is the name for super-phosphate fertilizer.  Love Nellie and Jasper who might disappear for a while.  It would appear S.O.D has been visiting again.

The valley grew so wealthy

From the super-pilots’ loads

The farmers all bought big new motor cars

And they tar-sealed our back-country roads.

The farmers’ wives drove out every day

To the big bright shops in town –

And the Mangamahu store went bankrupt,

The Mangamahu pub closed down.

  1. Super-man, super-man

Raining riches from the sky

But we all went chasing the bright city lights

And we let our community die. ………………………………….

………..Super-Man John Archer, 1979

The following is a photo of Polson’s bridge, just up the road from our house.


The old school at Ngaturi.

The old school at Ngaturi.

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9 Responses to A poem about Mangamahu

  1. Kyla says:

    Instant riches make you poorer. The local pub closed down???

  2. Zena says:

    It’s sad isn’t it when the small communities can’t survive? I love a village and small town but sadly they are disappearing all over.

  3. We live in a small village, and were horrified when the local pub closed down – it was one of 3 reasons why we moved here – however, at least the other two pubs are still open for business!
    Love the poem and the pictures.

  4. I think all the small communities have their problems – since last month our bakery is bankrupt and our local doctor has closed his office at spring – I cross my paws for your community…

  5. Bella says:

    That’s sad. We have a campaign in our area to ‘support your local business’ and whenever you can, you’re supposed to buy from the local shops.
    What a shame about the pub, but, please don’t disappear!

  6. Gizmo says:

    Hello Furriends…You are the first maremma I’ve ever met…Mom looked you up online and read to me about you…I love the way your name is pronounced…Your breed has an important job…do you herd sheep? Our smallish town has had troubles too…Most locally owned businesses struggle to survive against the power of the big-box mall chain stores…My mom makes a point of shopping locally whenever she can. It may not be much but it’s something

  7. goldenwoofs says:

    Woof! Woof! Love poems but that makes us Golden sad. Mom always composed poems that involves me. We posted many of them on our blog … there will be one this Friday. Happy Monday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. raisingdaisy says:

    What a poignant poem. So sad that this is happening everywhere. People here in the US complain about Big Box stores moving into their small towns, but then they’re the very ones who stop going to the little local shops owned by their neighbors so they can save a buck at the same Big Box stores and buy cheap junk made elsewhere. Go figure. I guess the bottom line always outweighs everything. ::sigh::

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