Home alone

Mummy's rice rolls.  Me and Nellie do not like them.  Too many vegetables for our likening.

Mummy’s rice rolls. Me and Nellie do not like them. Too many vegetables for our likening.

See the slobber stains

See the slobber stains

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Mummy is home alone this week.  She only has Me and Nellie for company.  Sister is at school and daddy and brother are in Wellington.  Mummy says she is having a lovely time.  She is making herself lots of healthy snacks, like rice rolls.  She can watch whatever TV programmes she likes.  The house stays nice and tidy, except for the ever ending clumps of snowy white fur that always seems to materialise whenever Me and Nellie appear. But We are not alone.  S.O.D has reappeared.  He was naughty and went into brother’s room and took a pair of his school socks.  Mummy discovered them sitting in the middle of the hallway complete with doggy slobber marks.   Mummy says she should get the socks subject to D.N.A (doggy napping analyst) testing. Me and Nellie are not worried as We are totally innocent.  The weather is becoming increasingly warmer.  Me and Nellie do not like summer because We do not like to be too hot.  Mummy is good and makes sure We have lots of cool water to drink and We can rest in the shade underneath the trees in the garden.  Mummy likes the lush garden look so that means lots and lots of watering.  There is plenty of water to use on the garden because the water comes from artesian bore on the neighbour’s property.  She thinks there will be a bumper crop of apples this year.  Here’s hoping.  Love Nelie and Jasper, the bestest doggys in the land.



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17 Responses to Home alone

  1. catchatcaren says:

    I soooo enjoyed this post but your Rice Rolls are making me even more hungry than I already am. It is almost 2pm here and I haven’t eaten lunch and boy oh boy do these ever look GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!

  2. I would like this rice rolls too – I’m very hungry ;o) Have you ever seen the mystic S.O.D.? maybe you can send me his mug shot? ;o)

    • No, Me and Nellie have not seen this mysterious S.O.D but he always seems to appear when mummy is not around or at work. Why, he made a quick visit this afternoon. Mummy will put some photos up soon of his activities. Of course Me and Nellie have nothing to do with any naughty behavour. We are the bestest maremmas in the land.

  3. Gizmo says:

    That’s three of us! I would love to learn how to make those rice rolls…maybe a recipe post? *snoogles*

  4. Will and Eko says:

    Sometimes I wish I had a camera rolling in my house so I could see all the sneaky things Eko has tried to pull!

  5. You guys need to be on the look out for the SOD incase he ruins your chances of getting on the ‘nice’ list!

  6. Oh those rice rolls look deliouz, drooling 🙂

    Mollie and Alfie

  7. I also like to be alone with my dogs every now and then! Have a great day.

  8. Zena says:

    I’m glad you don’t like vegetables that much either, I thought I was the only dog to insist on a mainly meat diet!

  9. Kyla says:

    Unwanted food? Send it to me. My faves are green beans and carrots. Zena is going to starve.

  10. robynwp says:

    Hmmmm rice rolls!! That naughty SOD…trying to get you into trouble!
    Wally & Sammy

  11. misswhiplash says:

    I have just popped over from reading Musmsy and Chancy and spied your comments..this is a lovely site , and I do believe that I shall be calling again…Happy Christmas from Misswhiplash and all the cats and dogs

  12. Dougall says:

    Socks… I swear it wasn’t me!

  13. Emmadog says:

    Do you have a cat? I would suspect the cat in the sock caper, they always set us dogs up to take the fall for their dasterdly deeds! Enjoy yout time home with mommy!

  14. onebluedog says:

    That naughty S.O.D., always causing trouble! Maybe you can catch him with the DNA?

    And extra apples?! Yum yum yum! I just love apples 🙂 Almost as much carrots…

  15. Boomdeeadda says:

    My tummy growled when I saw those rice rolls, then I saw the icky sock and lost my appetite…that naughty SOD 😉

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