Tasty treats

Daddy holding up the tasty ham treats.

Daddy holding up the tasty ham treats.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. As you all know Me and Nellie are most interested in having any kind of tasty treat. Here in New Zealand, Christmas happens during the summer months and most people like to have a ham with their Christmas lunch. Well mummy and daddy brought a nice ham-on-the-bone for their Christmas celebrations and guess what, daddy allowed Me and Nellie have snack on some tasty ham fat. It was delicious and Me and Nellie were most appreciative. It has been very quiet here. Mummy has been working at the Museum and working out in the garden. Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.
See, how I am concentrating on my tasty treat.

See, how I am concentrating on my tasty treat.

Me, finally getting my tasty treat

Me, finially getting my tasty treat

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15 Responses to Tasty treats

  1. wow, if you got such a yummy ham-treat you must be the bestest Maremmas in all the land – that’s for sure :o)

  2. Kyla says:

    How many Maremmas are there in NZ? I certainly hope there are more than you two, otherwise you’d also be the worstest Maremmas in all the land. 🙂

  3. catchatcaren says:

    I bet that was completely delicious!! Lucky doggies!

  4. Having ‘way too much fun, gorgeous doggies

  5. Emmadog says:

    Hi you two, don’t forget to stop by my blog today, I have something for you 🙂

  6. Dougall Dog says:

    Oh my dog, you are SO lucky! My peep won’t even let me eat ham!

  7. Gizmo says:

    Jasper, you & Nellie are sure living the high life…or as they say here in the south you’re walking in tall cotton! 🙂

  8. OMC you love ham too! Isn’t it the best? Nearly as good as bacon, giggles

  9. robynwp says:

    WOW…I meal like REALLY WOW!!! You are SO lucky!!
    Wally & Sammy

  10. I have to say…YUM! I bet that was the tastiest treat in the whole world.

    Pee Ess: I’ve left you an award. Stop by and pick it up at http://sagechronicles.wordpress.com/2013/01/05/let-a-little-sun-shine-in/

  11. wyatt says:

    Nice to meet you Jasper and Nellie! We saw you over at Sage’s blog.
    Happy New Year and enjoy that ham!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  12. Looks like you did indeed enjoy your tasty treats.

  13. rumpydog says:

    Did you get to fight over the bone too? *drools*

  14. Zena says:

    We had some ham fat too but then the Pup went and spoilt it by being sick so no more ham for us 😦

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