Helping mummy in the garden

Nellie having a sniff in the strawberry patch.

Nellie having a sniff in the strawberry patch.

Greeting loyal readers.  As you all know mummy likes to be out in her garden.  On days when she has to go to work she is out there especially early so she can feed those peasky chickens and do some watering.  The weather  has been very hot and dry here in New Zealand and there is talk of drought conditions in some parts of the country.  Me and Nellie like to assist mummy in her gardening activities. We like to have a good sniff around and see if there are any interesting smells for Us to investigate.  For some reason mummy does not appreciate our efforts and tells Us to get off her garden with our large white paws.  We are accused of squashing her plants.  How can that be?

Me, amongst the giant pumpkins.

Me, amongst the giant pumpkins.

S.O.D. (Someotherdoggy) has been to visit Us again.  That is the only way We can explain how brother’s running shoe managed to get itself out onto our play lawn.

See brother's shoe.

See brother’s shoe.

And Me and Nellie are the picture of innocence. Off We go, for the neighbour is in her garden and We must let her know that We are watching her every move.  Love Nellie and Jasper, two very clean maremmas, for We had a bath yesterday.

See goodness personified

See goodness personified



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17 Responses to Helping mummy in the garden

  1. catchatcaren says:

    I know that neither of you would EVER do that! You are right! It HAD to be “S.O.D!!”

  2. Kyla says:

    Watch out, those pumpkins will get bigger than you.

  3. You are definitely pure and white and good. That “other” doggie should learn good manners and not play with shoes.

    Love and licks,

  4. Joy says:

    It has been so wet here that we didn’t get our usual walks but we did get to play in the rain and shake indoors when ever we were let in. Apparently we smell like wet rugs! Honey and Nutmeg, two very wet and bored goldens.

  5. rumpydog says:

    I dunno…. SOD might have chewed that shoe up! That looks like a job for a pesky squirrel.

  6. Youu should check on the cows, maybe they got loose again and stole the shoe!

  7. Zena says:

    I don’t do gardening but Raffles loves to help with the watering!

  8. Emmadog says:

    I know you two would never steal a shoe! Katie is looking forward to the ball. Could you email me a pic of Jasper? I want to put it in a post I am writing tomorrow about the ball. Thanks 🙂

  9. Definitely SOD’s fault 😀
    Hope you get some rain soon. We’re having awfully hot weather but we are least getting some rain with it.

  10. Hello, Jasper and Nellie! My, you two are looking so bright and clean in those photos that I had to borrow my Mum’s sunglasses to look at you!

    I hope it’s cooler for you soon…

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  11. We are sure without your help the garden would not be as good. We hope SOD is found soon!

  12. I’ve never heard a doggy would squash the plants – except S.O.D. – he is the plant-squasher :o)

  13. Hey, Jasper! Did you know there was a white pumpkin in your Mummy’s garden. Oh, wait! That was you……..

  14. It’s always the SOD’s or a cat! It would never be you two…you’re just too sweet!

  15. Sharna. Sophie, Issy, Itai and the pups Solomon and Sasha says:

    There are six of us here at Balagan farm and kennels, hence there are no gardens to speak of. Our Mummy tries to grow stuff in pots, but even then SOD can pull it out. We are all very good about not touching shoes, unless someone leaves them out on the deck.

  16. Basil says:

    Funny how us doggies always get the blame, and they never appreciate the help! pfft

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