I have a new name

007Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  I have noticed that I have a new name.  Instead of being called by my rightful name of Jasper the chosen dog, I am being called “Out”.  Everywhere I go I am hear “Out”.   If, I try to go into the study with mummy when she is using something called the internet, I am told to get “out”.  If, I happen to go into the laundry to have a snack on some tasty cat food, I am yelled at to get “out”.  It is especially noticeable if I try to go into the kitchen to see if there are any tasty treats for Me and Nellie.  I do not understand, after all my name is Jasper.  Why would my family start to call Me, Out. Maybe you could assist Me, fellow bloglanders to explain this new name.  Regards your very perplexed Jasper.


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20 Responses to I have a new name

  1. That is so funny 😀 Oh well, as long as they are talking to you and paying you attention, who cares what they call you. Out it is. Just smile and accept the adoration whilst they call you your new name 🙂

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    Hi Jasper, Petals here. I know exactly what you’re talking about. My mommy calls me NO all the time. I don’t like it too much and just carry on like I’m not even listening. 😉

  3. Dougall Dog says:

    Hey… That’s Floyd’s nick name too!

  4. This is really weird Jasper … I thought I was only one that had another name, mine is “Don’t” Guess we have such big personalities we have to be given two names

  5. Hello “out” – my name is “don’t” aka Easy ;o)

  6. emma says:

    That might be preferable to my second name…no…always Emma no, no Emma, no, no, no…not fond of it at all!

  7. catchatcaren says:

    I can help you explain “Out” when you help ME explain why MY new name is “STOP BARKING!!” BOL!

  8. I have heard of this word named, “OUT” before. I’m pretty sure it means come closer, snuggle up, lick me, share my food, bring toys to me, climb on my lap, put your paw on whatever I’m holding, and let’s cuddle. You lucky Maremma!!

    Love and licks,

  9. Donna says:

    Us people love to change your names just to confuse you. For example, in all those situations that you describe, I call my dogs “Move.”

  10. Kyla says:

    You’re taking it wrong. When They tell you to get “out”, They’re not calling out your name. You just have to fetch some “out” and all will be cool.

  11. Don’t know that I can help you, Jasper. I have a second name – several actually. But my scribe seems to like Leave It best. Stella, Leave It! I’ve noticed that she only uses my full name when she is a bit annoyed, or downright angry. Stella, Leave It! I wonder if there’s something going on?

  12. Ninnie (aka Woolie or Blondie) says:

    Jasper, are you feeling okay? You look a bit skinny and not quite your happy self in this last photo. I haven’t been a hundred percent myself either for the last week or so, and the “Vet” word was mentioned yesterday …

    Ninnie, the prettiest Maremma in the Queen’s Land.

  13. Greetings oh Queen’s land cousin. SInce Nellie has been on her anti-whale diet my rations have been restricted. I will pass your comments on to her and see what she does. Me and Nellie hope that you do not need to go to the V.E.T. Love Nellie and Jasper

  14. Basil says:

    Cause humums are weird!

  15. onebluedog says:

    This is very interesting, Jasper. I mean, Out. Maybe there is a letter shortage and o, u, and t are the only ones available now?

  16. Maybe they’re not talking to you Jasper, maybe it’s just a coincidence??

  17. Clowie says:

    I have many names – and “Out” is one of them!

  18. BOL. I have the same name. How cool is that?

  19. Angie says:

    Funny, 😀 my dogs names are now “off you go” 😀 😀

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