Naughty Nellie

004Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Well, this morning Nellie was naughty.  Daddy gave Us our morning dinner and as usual Nellie woofed hers down.  She is after all still on her anti whale diet.  I, on the other hand decided for reasons best known only to Me that I would not eat my dinner and sit and guard it.  This worked out fine until those Jehovah Witnesses decided to pay Us a visit again.  Why they want to try to convert mummy and daddy is beyond reason but that is their business.  Anyway, I had to leave guarding my morning dinner and rush out and bark at these intruders and when I got back to my food it was all gone.  Nellie had eaten it all.  See how she is a naughty dog.  Daddy says Nellie is not allowed any evening dinner because she has had more than enough food today.  Love Nellie and Jasper.

PS Here are some more photos mummy took.

A tree that caughty Mummy's eye when she was travelling this morning

A tree that caughty Mummy’s eye when she was travelling this morning

The old James motorcycle the family were moving yesterday

The old James motorcycle the family were moving yesterday


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21 Responses to Naughty Nellie

  1. Zena says:

    Poor Nellie. I hope you at least chased the uninvited guests away or the whole morning was a complete waste of time 🙂

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    oh dear, I’m sad for Nellie. She’ll be doubly hunger in the morning. I couldn’t imagine going 24 hours…I would faint. Maybe you can dig up some old bone for her.

  3. Don’t worry about Nellie. Methinks mummy may have slipped her a couple of biscuits to keep her going.

  4. Uh oh! But Jasper did you get your breakfast in the end?

  5. Basil says:

    I can’t believe she ate your breakfast – I do hope you got some more breakfast and dinner?!

  6. Oh no! That WAS naughty! I feel your pain, Nellie. When I start to weigh 22 or 23 pounds, Mom puts me on treat restriction till I am 21 again. It’s difficult, but she says it’s for my own good, so I won’t start feeling fat and poorly. Hang in there Nellie. Morning dinner will come again soon…..

    Love and licks,

  7. emma says:

    I have the same problem at my house…anything I leave unattended is eaten by my sister immediately…very frustrating for those of us that like to take our time with things!

  8. catchatcaren says:

    love how Nellie saw an opportunity and acted on it!!! BOL!

  9. Clowie says:

    Nellie was naughty, but I don’t think many doggies could resist that sort of temptation!

  10. Poor Nellie, she was trying to be resourceful! And that is one beautiful tree.

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  11. Nikitaland says:

    Nikita has to guard her food bowl too, because Bella (being a puppy) woofs her food down real quick and tries to steal food from Nikita’s bowl. Nikita growls at her and she runs away. Defend what is yours!

  12. ha! I guessed it! girls are insatiable…for food, shoes, bags and everything ;o)

  13. Nellie your not being naughty your being clever, Jasper should eat it when he had the chance.

  14. Kyla says:

    I know that if the Witnesses ever got hold of Them, They’d be right back in 15 minutes because They’d be found to be defective by the Witnesses.

  15. Poor Nellie. It’s hard to resist eating all the food. Maybe if you run and walk more you’ll burn off those doggie calories and then you can eat normal. Hang in there! Tell Jasper not to tease you by leaving food.

  16. Oh Nellie blame it on the kitty next door
    Benny & Lily

  17. Will and Eko says:

    Nellie can resist everything but temptation!

  18. Joy Wagner says:

    I have to watch my food constantly ’cause I dont “inhale” my dinner like Honey. I eat to live unlike Honey who is sooooooo lazy and lives to eat. Happy doggy sniffs and watch your food! Nutmeg

  19. tylersat99 says:

    How naughty of Nellie to eat your food while you were out doing your job! She definitely shouldn’t get dinner and you should get extra 😦

  20. onebluedog says:

    Hunger will make a pup do some very naughty things! But then we don’t want poor Nellie to turn into a whale…

  21. dougalldog says:

    It’s the quick or the hungry at our joint!

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