Focused Obedience

Me and Nellie focusing on our treats

Me and Nellie focusing on our treats

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  As you all know, Me and Nellie are free spirited, cloth eared maremmas.  We do what We want, when We want to.  Concepts of obedience do not apply to Us.  After all, were We not breed to protect our flocks in the Alps of Italy for many generations and We, maremmas have learnt over the years to be independent and self-reliant?  Therefore, many of the concepts of obedience that other dogs follow so slavishly do not apply to Me and Nellie.  We do not fetch at all, however, if prompted We have been known to “sit” and sometimes We even have been known to “come”, without mummy resorting to yelling at Us and using all sorts of naughty words to describe our lack of doing what We should be doing.  However, there is one thing that will focus Us on being obedient and that is the thought of tasty treats.  Me and Nellie like tasty treats and We feel that We do not get enough of them.  Why just this morning daddy made some yummy asparagus rolls and left over were all the bread crusts. Me and Nellie like bread crusts and these should focus our behaviour. Mummy tried to take some photos of our focused obedience, but she was too slow.  So, sorry for the lack of photos showing our focusnesses.  Mummy took lots of photos but none of them were very good. Love Nellie and Jasper.


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15 Responses to Focused Obedience

  1. My Dalmatian used to love crusts. After she died, I found myself still saving them all for her (took at least a year to get out of the habit). Litchi, on the other hand, believes that, if it’s not meat, it should not be eat. It’s the motto she lives by. I think your Mom got a great focus photo on the first one. You should start a petition for more regular treats. The blog world would support you entirely.

  2. Basil says:

    Its a shame you do not live closer as I bet you would love these

  3. Obedience without treats is like a plane without wings. It just won’t fly!! Your focusnesses are impressive, even if they are rare. Good job!

    Love and licks and I love bread crusts,

  4. emma says:

    Believe me, I can imagine your obedience…my sister is the exact same…very smart, knows exactly what needs to be done but the question is, does she feel like obeying???

  5. says:

    Max lives in your world too! I used to think he might have some hearing loss..,nope! It’s your humans are just living in it!

  6. bread crusts are great – I like it too :o) What’s “obedience”?

  7. Dear Jasper and Nellie. You are doing a good job at getting Mummy trained. Keep up the good work.

  8. You guys are a stitch! I would like some tasty asparagus rolls also.

  9. Kyla says:

    You guys have a very terrier attitude.

  10. well fetch is overrated I say, you guys can get away with it because you are so beautiful!

  11. Once again, dear Jasper, our Mummy finds herself having a distinct sense of deja vu reading your post.
    The ONLY time we sit is when tasty treats are either being offered, or may be in close vicinity.
    Hence, when someone is in the kitchen doing human food things, they will often feel a gentle paw on the back of the leg, turn around, and there she is: Miss Obedience herself, Rosamond- sitting so straight, so perfect: for all the world like she’s just been announced Best in Show at Crufts.

    Humans do seem to have inferior senses of perception, at other times they say ‘sit’ when there is clearly no treat in sight nor smell. I think we can all agree that they are lucky to have us around to look out for them, as well as tasty treats.
    Love Freya and Rosa, your free spirited, cloth eared cousins in Australia.

  12. Sage says:

    Treats are the name of the game, that’s for sure, Jasper! Mom has to pile them on when she wants to pull hair off my body (I’d rather just let it drop all over the floor). I sure have her trained!!

  13. Misaki says:

    mmmm tasty treats 🙂

  14. 2browndawgs says:

    Thanks for participating in the TNT hop. Chessies can be a challenge with obedience too, but they do fetch…lol.

  15. Dougall says:

    I’m with Kyla.. Are you sure you aren’t Scottie?!

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