Rugby and maremmas

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Now as you all know Me and Nellie live in New Zealand and this means that by our nature We are all supporters of this game they call rugby.  004Daddy likes to watch rugby, especially when it is a test match.  Tonight the All Blacks (New Zealand’s national team) were playing the French.   For some reason daddy does not like the French team, something about beating New Zealand in the world cup a number of times.

When the rugby world cup was being played in New Zealand, two years ago daddy found this rather naughty song on this place they call “you tube” about rugby.  You can see it on this link, but if you don’t like naughty words don’t watch it.

Me and Nellie don’t care about rugby but We do like to lie in front of the fire.

Me and auntie

Me and auntie



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8 Responses to Rugby and maremmas

  1. Zena says:

    We like it when the All Blacks win – after all we have always supported them along with Zac the All Black!

  2. Sleeping in front of the TV is the same thing as watching sports. I do it all the time. Sports are too much like fetching. I don’t understand them.

    Love and licks,

  3. Well, no one in this house cares about rugby (not even Dad) but we all like lying in front of the fire 🙂

    WOOFS from Solo and Krissy 🙂

  4. I prefer the front of the fire too – and I like rugby, it’s best with dad – he can take all my fouls :o)

  5. Wishing your team luck! Lee and Phod

  6. Misaki says:

    Hehehe my daddy supports France, but I don’t care who wins as long as my belly is full:-)

  7. We don’t care about rugby either (but don’t tell my gramma because she’s Welsh and she LOVES rugby) but we sure like snoozing in front of the fire!
    Finn 🙂

  8. Oskar says:

    We’ve seen your rugby, it looks rough!

    Nubbin wiggles,

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