So close but so far away………

Greeting loyal readers. The whole of New Zealand is now gripped with America’s cup fever, including mummy, who has never been interested in sporting events.
The feeling of a nation can be summed up in the following article:

Watch this space.  Racing is on again tomorrow.  Love Nellie and Jasper, who got their morning dinner, eventually.

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4 Responses to So close but so far away………

  1. Wishing your team the best of luck! Lee and Phod

  2. Coccolino says:

    We’re getting all our info from you, thanks for keeping us updated!

  3. ninniegirl says:

    My mum says, she sometimes sailed in the twighlight races on Sydney harbour, she loved it.
    As for me, I just like to paddle in the local lake!

  4. Our mum remembers 30 years ago when Australia won – go New Zealand 🙂 Honey and Nutty

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