A Bovidae visitor

A goat

A goat

Greetings loyal readers.  Brother had to go over to the woolshed and move the cows and sheep into new paddocks.  Imagine his surprise when he saw a goat in one of the woolshed paddocks.  It was just standing there minding its own goatie business.  As far as he knew no-one had a goat in the area, but as it had a collar on, he figured it was someone’s pet.   He went and got mummy and sister and they all came back to look at the goat.  Needless to say Me and Nellie were not invited to come over to the woolshed.  Mummy muttered something about Us being naughty and would want to chase play with the goat.  Mummy went over the road to some neighbours to ask if they had lost a goat and sure enough it was their goat.  It had been naughty and jumped fences to come and visit us.  It took brother and the neighbours’ son some time to catch the goat.  Goats can move very fast if they want to.


Now sister wants a goat as a pet, just like boyfriend’s family, but mummy says no way. Goats can be lots of hard work and she says she has enough to do looking after Me and Nellie.  Love Nellie and Jasper

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11 Responses to A Bovidae visitor

  1. Kyla says:

    The goat had a collar without tags with the phone number and address? Bad form.

  2. I’m with Sister – the goat is cute! (It will just eat your garden).

  3. dogdaz says:

    Unexpected visitor seems like a lot of work. I agree with mummy.

  4. I didn’t know goats could jump over fences. I wonder if a cow could jump over the moon….

    Love and licks,

  5. harrispen says:

    We think you two should have been able to help with the goat catching. It probably would have gone faster 😉

    Millie & Walter

  6. Dina says:

    It a goat version of Houdini! If you two were let in on the fun it would have gone much faster me thinks- and shame you don’t get your own goat to chase…errr… I mean play with.

  7. Misaki says:

    I’m sure that goat only came to visit so he could play with you guys, shame you didn’t get a chance to have a game together

  8. tylersat99 says:

    What fun a visiting goat, bet he would have been fun for you and Nellie. But Mum’s right he needs to go home to family:)

  9. What a great visitor! Lee and Phod who also want a goat

  10. katiebblogs says:

    Ha quite an adventure and surprise! A pet goat…we say go with a pig over a goat though we think goats are pretty cute too!

  11. Goats do have their own minds – and difficult to change them!

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