Look, Look S.O.D is back

It is not as it would seem

It is not as it would seem

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Last night mummy was the study, surfing the internet and reading her emails when she heard a funny noise in the living room.  As she was the only person home at the time, she thought that was odd and went to investigate. Now, as you all know Me and Nellie are the goodest doggy woggies in the land.  We are physically incapable of being bad. Goodness oozes from every paw.  It is not in our genetic make-up to be naughty.  So imagine mummy’s surprise when she walked through the door and saw this sight.  Now, to the uninitiated it might look like Me and Nellie have been playing with the rug and turned it over, but that is not how it happened at all.  What really happened was S.O.D. (someotherdoggy) paid Us another visit.  Hence the strange noises mummy could hear.  What might look like Me playing with the rug is in reality Me trying to protect it from S.O.D’s advances.  Really, honestly.  Meanwhile, S.O.D. managed to escape through the door, leaving Me and Nellie to get the blame for his actions.  Not fair.  Why should We take the rap for his actions.  What do you think, loyal readers?  Should We be blamed for S.O.D.’s naughty actions?Today is daddy’s birthday.  Contray to what brother and sister might think, daddy was not born during the time of the dinasours.  Happy birthday daddy.  Love Jasper and Nellie, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.

See Me protecting the rug.

See Me protecting the rug.


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23 Responses to Look, Look S.O.D is back

  1. 2browndawgs says:

    Happy birthday to your dad. 🙂 SOD sure played some mischief on you!

  2. raisingdaisy says:

    Happy birthday to Daddy! I think you’re both very brave to defend that carpet from SOD, he’s a real trickster and you just never know what he’ll do next. 😉

  3. Kuruk says:

    Oh Jasper, you get that SOD! And happy birthday to your daddy! Wooooowooooooo!

  4. SOD attack! Beware!
    Happy Birthday to your Daddy!

  5. Happy Birthday to Dad. That SOD he is quite the character.

  6. Sage says:

    You are the bravest maremmas in the whole world, Jasper. That SOD just better stay away…the nerve.

    And a big Happy Birthday to your Dad. I know he’s so happy you are the defenders of the house. What a wonderful gift!

  7. Two French Bullys says:

    I know for sure it was the bad kitty from down the street

  8. harrispen says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Well we go by what we read on another blog recently…if your mom gets out the camera it can’t be all that bad.

    Millie & Walter

  9. Believe Me and Nellie. Camera usage doesn’t equate to a lack of yelling. Mummy can multi-task. She can still take photos and be telling Me and Nellie off. She says she has years of practise.

  10. MOL and BOL your Mummy is a multi-tasker

  11. Emmadog says:

    Happy birthday to your dad. I always blame odd occurrences on the cat at our house!

  12. I wish I could see a photo once of S.O.D. bet he/she looks great!

  13. PigLove says:

    Dinosaur age – snorts. Happy birthday to your daddy my friends. And shivers – rugs. I have a thing with rugs. I destroy them. Simple as that. They get in my way. Snorts. XOXO – Bacon

  14. marlene barkley says:

    I have a SOD visiting my house and “she” loves to chew up my mail.

  15. You should DEFINITELY not take the heat for S.O.D’s mischief. I’m actually surprised your family would even suspect you and Nellie, the bestest doggie woggies in the land of such a heinous act. Curse that S.O.D!!

    Love and licks,

  16. tylersat99 says:

    That SOD seems to be able to cause all kinds of trouble. Happy Birthdat to your Dad:)

  17. Dina and Mom says:

    Happy B-Day to your Dad! And of course it wasn’t you. Honestly, that SOD what is he like?!?!

  18. Hi Jasper and Nellie, just visiting u from reading the Christmas card list. This was a funny post about somedoggy messing up the rug. In our house we blame aliens for messing up stuffs and chewing the stuffing out of toys etc.

    It was nice meeting u. Lassie and Benji the Shelties

  19. Boomdeeadda says:

    LOL, that other doggy must be so fast to sneak away without ever being caught. Somewhat of a villain hey? You would think mummy would shower you with thanks for not letting s.o.d. take her rug on his way out….sheesh! Hope Daddy’s birthday included cake and you and Nellie got all the left overs.

  20. Basil says:

    You are very brave to protect that rug!!

  21. Nikitaland says:

    S.O.D. has visited us too, as our carpets always seem to get messed up with Mommy heads outside. Hmmm, do you know what S.O.D. looks like? Have you seen him?

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