Who Me?

Me and Nellie being good

Me and Nellie being good

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Now as you all know Me and Nellie are very good maremmas.  I can do no wrong.  Goodness oozes from every paw, so it may come as a surprise to you that sometimes I might be a little naughty.  Take yesterday for example.  Mummy was cleaning out the rabbit cage, with assistance from Us, of course. While mummy was occupied washing the rabbit’s water and food bowls, something just over came Me and I had to take the rabbits towel, which they like to sit on and have a little play with it.  For some reason, mummy did not appreciate Me doing this.  She yelled at Me.  Said I was a bad dog.  How can that be? After all, am I not the bestest maremma in all the land.  Here are some photos mummy might have taken of Me playing with the rabbit’s towel.

P1030474P1030470P1030469See, no sign of bad behaviour.  Mummy must have been imagining things.   Love Jasper and Nellie, who think cooler weather is on its way.  P1030495P1030480

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11 Responses to Who Me?

  1. Nope, couldn’t possibly be you 😉

  2. You were just trying to shake the fur and dirt off the bunny towel. 🙂

  3. Once again your valuable input and assistance are not appreciated. I hate when that happens!

    Love and licks,

  4. Who can resist a rabbit towel, or any towel? Me not :o) Have a super sunday :o)

  5. Jasper you are the bestest dog ever, you wouldn’t harm that nice rabbit towel. Have a great day.

  6. fredrieka says:

    oh you have them fooled only when you are sleeping

  7. Boomdeeadda says:

    oooops, does look incriminating. Looks like the goodness was REALLY oozing at that moment LOL

  8. your Mum has one heck of an imagination if you ask me!!!

  9. Well Jasper weren’t you just shaking it out for your mum so that it was all clean and fluffed? That is what it looks like to us! You couldn’t be anything but the bestest Maremma in the world so you were just being helpful.
    Marty and Mom

  10. Basil says:

    Looks to me like you were making sure it had had a full airing!

  11. Misaki says:

    But all you were doing was giving the towel a good wash. Hope you didn’t get in too much trouble

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