L/Cpl Brian Smaller, 633301, 22 Infantry Batn, 2NZEF

The Woolshed Wargamer

On Thursday 15th May, 2014 my father, for whom I am named, finally marched off parade and into the memories of those who knew him. He was in his 90th year. He was a veteran of World War Two, a conflict that shaped him and affected every day of his life from when he was sixteen and joined up (after lying about his age) until the day he died.

Dad's Rack

He started his military life in 1940 as a Trooper/Bandsman in the Queen Alexandra’s Own Wellington West Coast Mounted Rifles. They actually rode horses and practiced cavalry charges with lance and sabre.


He transferred to the Coastal Artillery and was stationed at the forts covering Wellington Harbour. He operated the mechanical range finding calculator to feed targeting information to the big guns. The Range Finger shoulder flashes below are rare as hen’s teeth. I have been looking for another set for…

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2 Responses to L/Cpl Brian Smaller, 633301, 22 Infantry Batn, 2NZEF

  1. This is an extremely beautiful post.

  2. Amy Saunders says:

    What a wonderful tribute! It’s clear you are very proud of your father (as you should be). I also have a brag board in my house for my grandpa who also fought in WWII. Thank you for posting, I believe it is very important to remember and pass this pride to the younger generations. God Bless.

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