Winter. What Winter

Greetings loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Sorry Me and Nellie have not been around in Blogland much this week.  The mummy hired help is as usual useless.  She says she has been busy, what with brother coming home from u-ni-ver-sity, bringing with him a suitcase of dirty laundry and going to sister’s house music concert.  Mummy is pleased to report that sister’s house won .  Last night the boyfriend’s family came for dinner.  I am glad to say Me and Nellie were  goodness personified and were so well-behaved.  We didn’t bark needlessly at anyone and of course We got the love and attention that We so richly deserve.

P1040053Now as loyal readers now, here in New Zealand it is the middle of winter, so imagine mummy’s surprise when she glanced at the weather station on the wall and noticed the afternoon temperature was 21C, which translates to 69F.




One of the signs of the warmer weather has been mummy’s asparagus has begun to grow at least a month early. P1040057  She is looking forward to sampling some fresh asparagus soon.





Her hellebores have begun to flower.

P1040055Now as there were people around for dinner, it means that there were lots of cooking going on and cooking means tasty treats for Me and Nellie, not that we are scroungers or anything like that.

P1040051P1040042See how focused Me and Nellie are on Daddy’s kitchen activities.

Now that it is school holidays here in New Zealand, sister and brother are planning on having a pawty.  Me and Nellie love pawties.  After all it means more treats. love and attention for Me and Nellie.



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15 Responses to Winter. What Winter

  1. Wow. that is warm! It’s been mild here too for most of Winter, with only a few really cold (13 C) days here and there. It will make for a nice short season! Are you starting to shed your coats Jasper and Nellie?

    • Shed!!. For some reason mummy seemes to find this question very funny. Me and Nellie are known to shed our snowy white fur all year around and all over most of the furnishing in the house. Mummy says regardless of the time of the year Me and Nellie’s fur seems to leave Us.

  2. Wow! It’s good to see that someone here in NZ is getting good winter weather. We’re having the odd warm day – like today, when Mum walked us to the beach – but our property on the northern Coromandel peninsula was flooded last month, after two days of torrential rain followed by a high tide… Our car has been written off by the insurance company, due to flood damage… 😦

    We hope all is well with you… your garden is looking good!

    Woofs from Solo and Krissy xxx

    • The only good thing about floods (I know this because of the one we’re still having here) is that you don’t need to walk as far in the heat to get a drink. I’m so sorry you lost your ride machine, though. That’s a real catastrophe. :o( Stay safe, Solo & Krissy!

  3. Me and Nellie are sorry to hear about the damage ot your car. Mummy says that the weather seems to be very different to what she remembers from when she was a child, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

  4. I’m so happy that visitors continue to come to your home to give you the love and attention you so richly deserve! AND that you get to do some kitchen “work” with your dad.

    Love and licks,

  5. Kyla says:

    Please describe the morsels that fell on the floor so I can get vicarious pleasure reading about all the details.

  6. Glad you had wonderful weather, good company and well deserved goodies! Hope you have a great time with brother and sister home!

  7. It’s Winter there? So that’s where it went. *SIGH* I love winter. Miss it so much. Just rain and mosquitoes and heat and wet here now. It’s enough to make a big woolly dog mope all day long. ~:o(=
    Enviously yours,
    Stella the Great Newfenees

  8. Lady thinks we should move to New Zealand if winter is 21 C. That is a nice day in our summer. Enjoy it for us and have fun being busy!

  9. Misaki says:

    it’s it wonderful when guest come, I love all the attention:-)

  10. Balagan babies says:

    It has been cold here in the Kaimai mountains, but we like the cold. Our help (mummy) does not and she has had to look after the puppies, I think the warmer weather will make her happy.

  11. We have a cold front moving in at the moment…our temperatures are set to drop to -2 & 11C tomorrow *BRRRRRRRRRRR*
    Wally & sammy

  12. You are certainly paws down the most social, best mannered, and most focused doggies ever. Molly gets overly excited and invites people to wrestle. Sigh. Perhaps she will learn from your example.
    Mild weather – or sitting by a fire sounds cosy- it’s much too hot here…so we will sit under the fans and marvel at your posts.
    Paw waves….(it’s OK. Molly’s paws are clean…no chunks of dirt to fly off)

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