Breaking Bad

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Now, it may come as a surprise to our loyal readers and all our friends out there in Blogland that Me and Nellie might sometimes be bad doggies. How can that be, you ask yourself.  After all are Me and Nellie not the bestest maremmas in all the land. Perfection dogsonified. Goodness oozes from every paw.

Mummy's kale and spinch

Mummy’s kale and spinach

Now, that summer is coming, mummy has been out in the house garden which has been full of weeds lying fellow over the winter and doing some tidying up.  After watching her for some time, Me and Nellie got bored, so We thought We’d pop over to Farmer Rae’s orchard and see if We could see some rabbits.  For some reason, mummy was not pleased with Us.  She started yelling at Me and Nellie to “come home”.  She may have said some other words but We were too far away to hear them. Fortunately We ignored her and went on our merry way. By the time mummy and daddy walked over to the orchard to bring Me and Nellie home, We had disappeared.

A doggy paw print in the muddy driveway.

A doggy paw print in the muddy driveway.

Some of Farmer Austin’s cows came over to see what mummy and daddy were doing.  Daddy was having fun jumping at them.

P1040325P1040324Seem to keep him amused.

When mummy and daddy got to the orchard, We were nowhere to be found.

You can see for miles and miles.

You can see for miles and miles.

Eventually, We were found and dragged brought home.  Much to our disappointment, for We were having so much fun, digging holes trying to find rabbits.  Mummy and daddy were not pleased with Me and Nellie.  Said We were bad dogs, amongst other words.

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land.  It is time for our morning dinner and We must be prepared for its arrival.

Me and Nellie on a frosty lawn.

Me and Nellie on a frosty lawn.


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10 Responses to Breaking Bad

  1. Wow guys! You are super at escaping… Any tips you could give us for breaking into the orchard/getting out of our runs and over to the apple tree in the corner of the garden? Whee are your willing Padewans!
    The Pigs xx

  2. Running away is naughty, even for the bestest maremmas in the land! But digging holes for bunnies sounds like FUN. I have never seen an actual bunny, but I have a toy one….

    Love and licks,

  3. Solomon, Sharna, Sophie, Sasha, Itai, Mescha, Issy, Polar and Ria. says:

    Chasing rabbits is so much fun. We are not that great at catching them though. We Maremmas are a bit slow on the turn and the rabbits change direction so quickly. Love from all the Maremmas at Balagan Kennels.

  4. Kuruk says:

    I wish me and Nalle could go bunnie hunting with youwooowoooooooooo!

  5. Kyla says:

    He is jumping at cows and They call you naughty?

  6. At least you were back for morning dinner. Please be careful when you explore all the land of the bestest Maremmas.

  7. Oh dear Jasper *sigh* running away IS naughty because it SCARES your Mommy and Daddy. Even though YOU know where you are, they don’t and they get all kinds of upset. You should probably try to stay in your own very nice yard and leave those silly rabbits alone my friend.

  8. Two French Bulldogs says:

    It’s the little things that keep those parents amused
    Lily & Edward

  9. They would be bored if you didn’t give them something to do. Hoomans like to be entertained :-). And I’ve dug for bunnies but haven’t found one yet!

  10. We have plenty of naughty bunnies here at our place, if you want to come and catch one you can have it for your next morning dinner.

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