We are trapped

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Me, Nellie and family are cut off from all civilisation. The road is completely cut off at McCain’s cutting and could be blocked for up to a week, while roading crews work on clearing the mud and debris, so think of Me and Nellie. Mummy says go to facebook and look at Mangamahu Valley and Wanganui to see photos of the once in 100 year flood.  Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest doggie woggies in the world.

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7 Responses to We are trapped

  1. Kismet says:

    It’s not all bad. Sometimes civilization isn’t good. You now have no wars, no travelling salesmen and no tax collectors.

  2. Cupcake says:

    I hope you have stocked up on dog food and treats!! Oh, and some human supplies too… Mom and I said prayers for your safety. Hang in there.

    Love and licks,

  3. I cross my paws that you are connected with the world soon. I keep you in my thoughts and I send POTP to all peeps and pets of Mangamahu Valley…

  4. fredrieka says:

    NO hope you have enough treats.. take care Nellie

  5. Goodness gracious! Hope you’re safe and well-stocked in doggie treats (and human food too)!

  6. rileysyear says:

    Stay safe, you guys!!!!

  7. sandy921 says:

    Oh no, those pictures and all of the alerts are scary. Take care of yourselves and the family – stay safe!

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