The Bestest Maremmas

P1050040Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Now has you all know Me and Nellie are the bestest, most intelligent, obedient maremmas that you would ever want to met. However, mummy tells Us that there is another maremma who is almost as clever as Me and Nellie.  Her name is Oddball and she is a maremma, who lives in Australia.   Soon she will be famous as Me and Nellie, because a movie is being released this month about her protecting fairy penguins from foxes on a little island off the coast of Victoria.  Me and Nellie are very pleased to learn about maremmas being used for conservation management.  You can see all about the movie here:

We only hope that people will not see this movie and think that all maremmas are  as cute and fluffy doggies, and easy natured because mummy says they will be in for one hell of a shock.

cant handle a maremma

Love Nellie and Jasper, the two bestest maremmas in all the land and Oddball fans.

Oddballwhite dog and black overcoat


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7 Responses to The Bestest Maremmas

  1. Cupcake says:

    Oddball looks like a good guy! Almost as good as you and Nellie – the bestest maremmas in the world. Mom says the last cartoon is the story of her life, and that she has way too many black clothes to have a white dog.

    Love and licks,

  2. I guessed it, maremmas are the bestest maremmas in all the land. YAY for Oddball that was pawsome! I’m with you on that front, I hope there is no “oh how cute, let’s have such a white fluffy guy too-hype”… such trends never had a happy end for the pups…

  3. fredrieka says:

    Oddball should be called whitefluff she is so very pretty

  4. Kismet says:

    You, obedient!??? bwahahahaha

  5. sandy921 says:

    That’s amazing what Swampy and Oddball did and to be able to see their results with baby fairy penguins – but you and Nellie remain the bestest maremmas around (although um, not always so obedient…). Thanks for sharing the story! I wonder if the movie will ever be shown in the states though…

  6. Solomon, Sharna, Sophie, Sasha, Itai, Mescha, Issy, Polar and Ria. says:

    We all think it is a great story too and wonder if the farmers on New Zealand realize how great the Maremma dog is to look after their animals. Sad that the Auzzie’s do better than us on this.

  7. You guys are so white!! Just like my sis. You should have black patches, then I can relate. You both look clever to me. You ever seen a stupid dog? I have and they look stupid.

    The black coat is something dad has…mom doesn’t buy anything black.


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