Woofless Wednesday


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8 Responses to Woofless Wednesday

  1. corkscot says:

    The pictures are beautiful.

  2. What kind of bird is that? It looks good to eat, if I could just catch it.

  3. Kismet says:

    Is that burd male and single?

  4. Me and Nellie do not know the bird’s gender, however, we are sorry to say that there are two of them, so we’d say he/she was taken.

  5. dashkitten says:

    Hi Jasper, we THOUGHT it was a Kereru!! We had one fly straight through our garage window a couple of years ago! Poor thing sat there surrounded by glass, a little groggy but totally unharmed – then it flew away with a wobble and was gone!!! Cost us to have the glass replaced though MOL!!

    The Dash Kitten Crew

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