Woofless Wednesday


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9 Responses to Woofless Wednesday

  1. oh wow that’s a giant bone… call me if you need help :o)

  2. Cupcake says:

    Is that a dog-shaped store? Yikes!

    Love and licks,

  3. what they sell there at the ol dogstore?

  4. Love the Dogstore, the Chickens, and your bone! What is inside the Dogstore? Curious minds need to know…….

  5. Kismet says:

    That pig in the first picture is named Pinocchio and hasn’t exactly been telling the truth lately.

  6. Two French Bulldogs says:

    I want that house BOL
    Lily & Edward

  7. OMD, what kind of animal did that giant bone come from? It looks too fresh to be a dinosaur.

  8. OMD you found a dinosaur bone! That looks yummy!

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