Happenings on a Sunny Sunday Mangamahu Afternoon.

See Me and Nellie in the afternoon sun, waiting for mummy to come home from town.

See Me and Nellie in the afternoon sun, waiting for mummy to come home from town.

Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. The weather still continues to be warm.  In the afternoon the temperature often reaches 22 C (71F).  Not bad for halfway through autumn.  Now as you all know We live on a lifestyle block in the sunny Mangamahu Valley.  Mummy and daddy run a couple of cows and a few sheep.  Today, neighbour Paul had to sort out some of his sheep and return our stud ram called Romeo.  So, mummy and daddy said they’d help him.  For some reason Me, Nellie and Itai were left at home.  Something about being a nuisances and  distractions.




Once the sheep were in our woolshed then the fun begun.  The sheep had to be separated in the race, sort of long  corridor with a gate at the end.  When the sheep gets to the gate, it is either opened or kept shut, depending on where the sheep needs to go.  Unfortunately, daddy was operating the gate and he didn’t prove to be quick enough to sort the sheep into the right pens.  Mummy wasn’t quick enough to get any photos. (She was laughing so much) So, daddy and the neighbour had to resort to a bit of sheep wrestling to sort the sheep.

Needless to say after many naughty words being spoken and the air turning blue, the sheep were sorted and Romeo was returned home.

Romeo (on the right) with his ewes.

Romeo (on the right) with his ewes.

Hopefully, Romeo will be a good ram and in the springtime there will be lots of little lambies in the paddocks.

Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai, the three bestest maremmas in all the land.  Here is a clip mummy found on a place called Youtube about real dogs moving sheep.  Enjoy.


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8 Responses to Happenings on a Sunny Sunday Mangamahu Afternoon.

  1. Romeo is such a great name.i bet his duties wear him out..and surrounded by all those lady sheep. We are glad everything got sorted. Do you raise the sheep for their wool? NI bet lambies are the best!

  2. I’m sure Rome did a good job and a lot of Juliets will bring super cute little sheepies in spring :o)

  3. Kismet says:

    And we birds are in the trees, laughing our tailfeathers off.

  4. Those dogs in the video were brilliant. They take loyalty seriously! Good luck getting Romeo and his girls to give you some babies. That will be super cute and super fun! Plus your dad will get some practice on the gate….

    Love and licks,

  5. Mom and I don’t understand most of this. What is a lifestyle block? Why do the sheep need to be sorted? Somebody help us out here.

    • A lifestyle block is a small farm, too small to be economic but large enough to run a few head of cattle and sheep. Average size of a block in New Zealand is 8 ha (19 acres). Our property is 2.4 ha which is about 6 acres. The sheep needed to be sorted to return Romeo home and take out a couple of neighbour Luke’s sheep that had somehow got mixed up with Paul’s sheep. Sheep are very good at getting through fences, if they want to, which is why Romeo was over at Paul’s place. He decided that there was more action over there, than at home. Hope this helps.

  6. OMD! We are only on the first post and can see how beautiful it is where you live! And that is a pawfect temperature (according to mom anyway).

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  7. briansmaller says:

    Reblogged this on The Woolshed Wargamer and commented:
    Another small taste of our rural life. Hope you enjoy this post from Jasper’s Doggy World.

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