Woofless Wednesday

The photo mummy used in the competition

Not a photo mummy took. She found in at a place called Google images. 005036008IMG_6117IMG_6128P1040003P1040026

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8 Responses to Woofless Wednesday

  1. Well weren’t we super happy to hear that you two have acquired a new sibling! That is fantastic! How on earth did you get it right? Mom’s been trying to convince dad that we need another addition for years now.
    Wally & Sammy

  2. It was a combination of fate and destiny. Mummy and daddy had visited Itai and his family last year and for reason’s beyond his family’s control they had to have give him up and he came to live with us. Mummy says some times dogs find you not you find them. He has settled in here. He has discovered soft couches and warm beds

  3. We love the pictures. Beautiful. The artfulness of the spider web, the church in front of the sheep pasture, and who is that peeking through the weeds (?) and who is disappearing into the brush? Great shots.

  4. Kismet says:

    That bird doesn’t know how to apply makeup properly.

  5. Two French Bulldogs says:

    What a cute little church
    Lily & Edward

  6. noofmitchell says:

    Loved seeing the dogs out enjoying themselves. The scenery down there is lovely.

  7. Peyton says:

    Great photos. I love the one peeking through the branches.

  8. Elaine says:

    What?! No woofs on Wednesday? 😉

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