A Road Trip (Part I)


img_7050Greeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas.  Now early on Saturday morning, even before We Three had our morning dinner, mummy got in her little white car and tootled off down the driveway.  She left us in the tender, loving care of daddy, while she travelled up to New Plymouth to attend the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Amelia Thompson to New Plymouth.  Some of her ancestors came out to New Zealand on this ship.

amelia-thompson-1The Amelia Thompson was chartered by the Plymouth Company  of New Zealand to take 187 men women and children to the newly found settlement of New Plymouth. She  was captained by William Dawson and left Plymouth on Thursday 25th March 1841, stopping off in Brazil on the voyage to Wellington, New Zealand where they arrived on the 2nd August 1841.  After a fort-night in Wellington the ship sailed to New Plymouth where they arrived off the Taranaki coast in “the most tempestuous seas it was said that the whalers or the natives remember to have experienced”.  The Amelia Thompson finally arrived in New Plymouth on the 5th September 1841.   After leaving New Zealand the Amelia Thompson  went to the China war and before going down off Madras was beached at Batavia, to clean her bottom, when  Captain Dawson discovered that her back was broken.  The back  is the the heavy timbers that form the main fore-and-aft structure of a wooden ship to which the keel and all the frames are fastened. He mentioned this on his return to London to the secretary of the insurance office where she was insured.  ‘Oh yes’ he replied ‘we knew that her back was broken in launching!’

Now for  some photos mummy took on the way up to New Plymouth.  Love the three bestest maremmas in all the land.


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9 Responses to A Road Trip (Part I)

  1. That giant cow! Yikes!

    Love and licks,

  2. noofmitchell says:

    Interesting history. I have family in New Zealand and seeing the photos makes me want to visit.

  3. oh that’s so super great that your mom will visit that event… and I can’t wait to hear more… they knew that the back was broken since launching and they ignored that… oh my oh my… glad the ancestors of your mama landed in NZ without swimming…

  4. What a fun event to check out! BUTT that cow shocked us!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Kismet says:

    Sometimes I feel like my back was broken at birth.

  6. That is a lot of cows – we aren’t sure how we would feel about cows.

  7. How cool that your mum was able to attend that anniversary event! Terrific photos!

  8. History is our stories – and must not be forgotten. Hardy souls on such a big dangerous sea. Wonderful to celebrate this!

  9. Thank you for the history lesson! We enjoyed seeing the pictures too!

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