Shaky Isles

141116_quakeGreeting loyal readers and fellow maremmas. Well, last night mummy came home in her little white car. She had been away in Wel-ling-ton for a conference and training. She was very tired and went to bed early and slept all night. It was only this morning that daddy told her that there has been a serve earthquake (7.5), centred in Hamner Springs at 12.02 am, with many strong aftershocks.   As you can imagine only now as it becomes morning that there are reports coming through of casualties, damage and possible fatalities.  The hotel where mummy spent four days has been evacuated.  The CBD in Wel-ling-ton has been closed and end of year school and university exams have been cancelled.  Brother, who lives in Wel-ling-ton is fine and We three are all good, as they say here. We hope all our friends are all safe.  Love Nellie, Jasper and Itai.  PS We live 190 kms away from Wel-ling-ton, up the island.

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13 Responses to Shaky Isles

  1. We’re so sorry to hear about the earthquake. That must be very scary. Sometimes we get very mild ones here in Upstate NY because of glacial rebound, but we’ve never noticed them. Glad to hear you and your family are all right.

  2. says:

    All safe here in Christchurch

  3. Kismet says:

    The peeps used to live in the San Francisco area and have been through many a quake including the one that broke the Bay Bridge. They’re OK and we’re glad you’re OK.

  4. Sending POTP to all those impacted by it.

  5. Judy says:

    We are so glad you and your family are ok. Thanks for posting so we knew that. We hope New Zealand comes through this ok, but we also know the power of these quakes. Stay safe.

  6. JustI says:

    Glad to hear all is well in your area. Whitedog and I were thinking about you all 🙂

  7. corkscot says:

    We are happy to hear that you are safe and sound.

  8. sandy921 says:

    Be safe. I live near San Francisco so we try to be on guard. Prayers to all in New Zealand.

  9. tylersat99 says:

    We are really happy you are all OK:)

  10. our paws are crossed for the people&pets and the wildlife in this area… glad you are ok and we hope yll your friends are too…

  11. Glad all is well!
    We don’t get many in the central U.S., however we have the potential to.

  12. Two French Bulldogs says:

    Oh my we heard about it on the news. So so scary. So happy you are all ok
    Lily & Edward

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