Flakey Snow

Hi all, it’s me – Nellie. Well, this Snow has been with us for nearly a week and I can say I am not happy with this leapy, bouncing creature that keeps on annoying me by assisting on playing with me.  For some reason, mummy and daddy are enamoured with this creature.  They pick him up and play with him and laugh when he does something stupid (which is most of the time).  Mummy swears he is getting bigger by the day.

Young and old

Me, I like to keep my distance and growl whenever this creature comes too close to me. Daddy says soon I will get used to him and maybe even play with him.  I don’t think so. After all he is not my beloved Jasper.

What do loyal readers think about this creature?  Love Nellie, Itai and creature Snow.

Snow meeting a baby goat.

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8 Responses to Flakey Snow

  1. We like him, N. He actually looks small enough to ignore, but with all the pouncing and playing, I expect that would be difficult. I have a feeling that besides growing bigger and bigger, he’ll grow on you and Itai in time.

    Love and licks,

  2. That’s is what mummy and daddy are hoping will happen.

  3. Kismet says:

    I think you could get a good price for him on the black, er, white market.

  4. oh he is super cute! but I’m with you… it can be a challenge with those kids…

  5. Nothing better than fluffy Snow. Especially on a hot day in the northern hemisphere. We are quite jealous of your good fortune even if you don’t quite see it yet. 💖

  6. Judith Adison Hight says:

    he is so adorable and perfectly named.

  7. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    Ah Nellie hang in there. Trust me I know it’s hard and can be annoying but,Snow clearly looks up to you as a role model and someone to learn from. That’s a very important job but I know you can do it. I’m guessing he’s going to grow on you. ~ nose nudges Belle Pup

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