The Sorceress’s Apprentice

Hello world, it’s me the Snowy dog.  I am settling down here at Chez Jasper.  I am getting bigger.  Daddy weighed me and I am now 20 kgs (44 pounds)  Not bad for a four-month old puppy.


Me and Nellie are becoming great friends.  Why, just last Thursday night we went on an adventure.  All by ourselves.  After our evening dinner, while mummy and daddy were giving Itai a brush, we took off down to Farmer Rae’s orchard to do some rabbit hunting.  At first it was fun, chasing all those rabbits, but then it started to get dark.  I am a little puppy and I don’t like the dark.  It makes me scared, so after 87 3 hours I started to go home, but it was dark and the orchard is so far away from home.   So I ran towards the lights, but I couldn’t get through the fence.  So I began barking to let mummy and daddy know I wanted to come home.  Of course, they were so very pleased to see me.  For some reason, Nellie got into trouble. Something about being a bad dog and leading a poor little innocent puppy into trouble.   They are keeping a close eye on us both, just to make sure we don’t go off on another adventure.

Me back with my daddy.

Me and Nellie in the sunshine.

See you all soon.  Love from the bestest snowy maremma in all the land.

See a destuffed toy. Nothing to do with me.





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9 Responses to The Sorceress’s Apprentice

  1. Kismet says:

    I guess poor Nellie will get blamed for everything forever.

  2. isn’t that the best thing that you can blame efurrything on your siblings ? I like that too… and yes, you have nothing to do with that snow, that is as clear as mud ;O)

  3. You sure are getting big Snow. That was nice of Nellie to take you on an adventure but she should have showed you the way home too.

  4. Snowy, since Jasper chose you when he went to the bridge, you may have a little of his sense of adventure inside you. None of this is your fault. Nellie is teaching you ways to keep your parents on their toes. It’s good for them to stay alert!

    Love and licks,

  5. I know how this works, little Snowie. Just because my baby sister Xena followed me into the woods around the house, and just because I didn’t bark “No” at her, and just because I wasn’t supposed to run off into the woods either,I got blamed for Mom’s frantic worry and search. Try not to get Nellie into any more trouble. Lucy

  6. JustI says:

    Love the pictures! Snow is getting so big… about 10 pounds a month!

  7. chesterspaniel says:

    I’m glad you found your way home! Did you catch a rabbit? I got a new squeaky toy the other day: a cute teddy bear. It took me five minutes to take the stuffing out! You’re doing a great job of squeaky toy shredding. Hooray!

  8. corkscot says:

    There is too much cuteness in your house.

  9. Oh Snowy-dog…remember always turn right to get home. Seriously though, glad you are safe and growing into a beautiful big girl.

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